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Temporary Faculty Lecturer Information

Availability and Postings

Lecturers (also known as Part-Time Faculty) are hired through pool postings. The following link will provide the current list of departments where there is a continuous need for part-time instructors to supplement departments’ applicant pools. Continuously Open Part-Time Lecturer Vacancies.

Please contact the departments directly with questions about qualifications and timelines. Departmental contact information can be found at


The California State University (CSU) system classifies all of the following as "Lecturers": part-time faculty, temporary faculty, lecturers, and adjunct faculty*. Sacramento State typically refers to all of the above as "part-time faculty" or "temp faculty" regardless of the time base the faculty member works. Any of the above terms are used to describe non-tenured/tenure-track faculty.

*At Sacramento State, the term "adjunct faculty" applies to volunteer faculty.

Salary and Rank 

Part-time faculty are broken up into four (4) different ranks: Lecturer A, B, C, and D. The initial placement of these ranks is dictated by a combination of academic preparation and work experience. The University Appointment, Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (UARTP) policy article 5.03.B defines the minimum requirements for the initial placement on these ranks as follows:

  1. Lecturer A: Master's degree in the discipline or equivalent educational experience; or Bachelor's degree plus the equivalent of at least five years teaching or relevant professional experience.
  2. Lecturer B: Doctorate or equivalent educational experience; or Master's degree plus the equivalent of at least five years teaching or relevant professional experience.
  3. Lecturer C: Doctorate or equivalent educational experience plus at least five years of teaching experience.
  4. Lecturer D: Doctorate or equivalent educational experience plus at least ten years of teaching experience.

Advancement to a higher rank normally follows the Temp Faculty Range Elevation process.

The salary ranges for the above ranks can be found via the CSU Salary Schedule. Placement within the minimum and maximum of the salary range in a given rank is up to the discretion of the college and department. Most departments/colleges have base starting salaries with within each rank with some small variance based on the individual’s experience, qualifications, etc.

The salary ranges indicated are based on a "full-time rate" (15 weighted teaching units [WTUs]). A semester's worth of compensation is made up of six (6) payments of the given amount. To calculate your salary for a semester, the base rate would be pro-rated based on the units taught out of 15 WTUs.

If you were a Lecturer AY assigned 3 units at the minimum salary, your pay would be structured as follows:

$3,986 x 3/15 (3 units out of a possible 15 units total) = $797.20 x 6 checks = $4,783.20 total for 3 units/semester.

Appointment Information

Temp faculty appointments are either by semester or academic year. One class is typically 3 WTUs. The maximum faculty can work is 15 WTUs per semester. For information on how appointments affect future appointments, review our Entitlement page.

All temp faculty appointments are "conditional". For other conditions of appointment for temp faculty, view the "Conditions of Appointment" information that is attached to each faculty appointment notification.

All new faculty or faculty who have had a break in service for 12 months or more must undergo a background check.

Temp faculty who have previously retired from a CalPERS agency (known as Rehired Annuitants) are subject to certain restrictions during their appointment. See our Rehired Annuitants page for more information.


Temp faculty appointments can be benefit eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • Academic Year appointment for minimum of one semester


  • At least 6 WTUs (weighted teaching units)

Benefit information should be provided to all temp faculty upon signing the Temp Faculty Appointment Notification. Please see the Benefits page for additional benefit and enrollment information.