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Release Time Forms

This page provides information regarding how to document the release of faculty/staff from their regular teaching/work assignments to work on special projects.

  • Faculty release time is recorded via the Faculty Release Time Request form located in OnBase.
  • Staff release time is recorded via the hardcopy Staff Release Time form (see link below) and submitted to your AA Analyst as noted on the Academic Affairs Analyst - Area Assignments document.
  • Dean, Associate Dean, Department Chair and Coordinators work assignments are recorded on the hardcopy Administrative Coordinative Time form (see link below) and is submitted to Nancy Hardy in OIREP.

Leaves such as Leave without Pay, Sabbatical etc. should NOT be recorded in this method and rather you should work with HR/Benefits regarding this type of release.

Quick Tips

See forms/guides links below for detailed instructions.

  • Recommended browser for OnBase release time form is Firefox.
  • Instructions are included on the Faculty Release Time Request Form “Instructions” tab in OnBase.
  • Before entering forms in OnBase, make sure employees Reports To relationship is current.
    1. Log into
    2. Choose CMS HR from the Faculty/Staff menu
    3. Once with the CMSHR platform, navigate from the Main Menu to Organizational Development > Position Management > Sacramento Custom Reports > SACHR025 – Position Mgmt Rpt
  • If new employees’ appointment is not active in CMS HR and thus, data does not auto-populate in the OnBase form, please wait to enter until their appointment is active in CMS HR
  • For those employees that have a new Department Chair, please wait to enter their forms until the Department Chair is active in CMS HR
  • Only one person can view/edit a form in OnBase at any given time
  • Please close your OnBase browser after you complete your review to ensure you don’t lock the form for another user (e.g., the next approver in the workflow process)

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