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Budget Planning & Administration Division of Administration & Business Affairs

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General Operating Fund Budget

General operating fund budget allocations as approved by the President.

The California State University begins its fiscal year on July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year. Planning for the next fiscal year usually starts in the fall semester of the current fiscal year.

Budget Policy Oversight Procedures

Budget Overview

Budget Timeline

State Budget Bill Process

Glossary of Terms

For University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) Budget Recommendations:

University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC)

Budget Call Memo 2022-23

Budget Maintenance

After the campus' annual budget is approved by the president, Budget Planning & Administration (BPA) facilitates ongoing maintenance of budget transactions via the following:

  • Distribution of initial allocations, per the president’s approved budget
  • Processing of budget transfers requested by departments - See ABA FORMS for the Budget Transfer Form and Instructions
  • Calculation and distribution of monthly benefit expense allocations from the centralized pool
  • Calculation and distribution of allocations for funded compensation increases