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Property Disposal

ICSUAM Policy 3150.01 delegates authority to the President to sell or exchange any University State property.

Adherence to the following procedures will facilitate accurate recordkeeping related to the disposition of state property. The combination of accurate accounting records and strong internal controls shall be in place to protect against and detect the unauthorized use of University property.

If a department has property that is not being utilized, an Equipment Turn-In Request, found on the ABA Forms page, shall be completed and with equipment listed brought to the Property Management Office. Property Management will arrange for proper re-use or disposal. Campus departments should never trade, cannibalize, or dispose of University property without approval from Property Management.

Property Disposal Options

  1. Repurpose to other University Departments - for furniture see Surplus Furniture Warehouse
  2. Donate
  3. Auction
  4. E-Waste
  5. Trash

Surveyed property may be re-used or disposed of in the following ways:

Equipment in working order

  • Offered internally first via internal campus auction. Recipient department will be charged moving or storage expense if any are incurred.
  • Offered to all other CSU campuses. The receiving campus would be responsible for all costs of transportation.
  • Offered donation by lot to educational institutions, public agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Offered for public auction on Public Surplus website.

Equipment not in working order

  • If possible, cannibalized for parts.
  • Offered for public auction on Public Surplus website for parts.
  • Disposal to a certified, off-campus recycler by Property Services and Facilities Services.
  • Disposal to a refuse disposal company by Facilities Services.

Disposal of Electronic Devices

Computers, work stations, and laptops older than six years are not supported by the campus and will not be transferred to other Sacramento State Departments or Colleges. These machines will be proceed directly to public auction and should only be purchased for personal use. The Property Board has final decision on all computers being transferred back to campus.

Prior to removal off-campus, all equipment must have the property tags removed or obliterated. IRT support staff are responsible for ensuring that all information, operating systems (hard drives and memory) and other software (including all media) have been removed (sanitized) from the equipment. The campus Equipment Turn-in request should indicate that the hard drive and/or memory has been properly removed buy an authorized Department ITC or IRT technician.

Cannibalization of Property

If obsolete or broken equipment is cannibalized, the department is to complete the Equipment Turn-In Request form. Send to Property Management. Failure to do so will result in the property not being found during the next physical inventory and reported to Public Safety as lost or stolen.

Lost, Missing, Stolen or Destroyed Property & Equipment

When a person discovers that University property or equipment has been lost or stolen, contact Public Safety, extension 8-6851 immediately. When SACRAMENTO STATE property is stolen from an off campus location, the nearest law enforcement agency must be notified. Note: Obtain police report # for documenting property and/or equipment losses.

  1. An Equipment Loss Report is to be completed and sent to the Property Management Office. The form will also serve as a survey request from the department, and the Supervisor of Property Management will generate a survey report. Use special emphasis in the summary field of the form, explaining any loss, theft, damage and/or to adequately justify the items unaccounted for during scheduled inventories.
  2. Attach the Equipment Loss Report to the survey documents and forward to the Property Survey Board for approval.

Additionally, the Equipment Loss Report is to be used to report missing property not found during a department’s annual inventory.

Employees may be charged for any loss or damage to University property that is attributable to negligence or unauthorized use,