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OneCard FAQ

What is a OneCard?

Example of OneCard

  • It is your personal student identification card at the California State University, Sacramento campus.
  • Allows access to all the services offered by the campus library.
  • Allows access on all RT, Light Rail and e-tran with your Sac State OneCard placed in the current semesters commuter sleeve. This is the only way RT will accept it.
  • Allows you to print in all the computer labs on campus that use PrintSmart.
  • It is not transferable under any condition and may not be used by anyone else.

In need of support and unsure who to call?

Flip over your One Card for a list of resources! That's right, the back of your One Card has the phone numbers for the:

  • Sac State Police Department (916-278-6000)

  • Student Health & Counseling Services (916-278-6461)

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255)

  • Crisis Text Line (text "HOME" to 741741).

If you would like to explore whether counseling is right for you, the first step is to call Student Health and Counseling Services during business hours and request a Mental Health Consultation appointment or book in your Patient Portal.

If you are experiencing an urgent matter, you can drop in during Student Health & Counseling business hours for Urgent Care Counseling Services.

Can I lend my OneCard to my friend to use?

If a OneCard is lent to another individual other than the cardholder, the individual whose identity is represented on the card assumes all financial and/or criminal liability for the card's misuse. You should report all misuse of OneCard Services at (916) 278-1000, #3

Does OneCard cost anything?

For students the one-time fee for the initial card it is $15.00. The replacement fee for lost or stolen cards is $15.00.

Employees do not have to pay out of pocket for the initial or replacement card.

Do I need to get a new OneCard each semester?

No. You have already paid the one-time fee for your card. Your OneCard will be valid as long as you are enrolled as a student at Sac State. The only thing you might want to update is your Regional Transit Commuter Sleeve. Each sleeve is valid for a 6 month period.

What do I do if my OneCard is stolen or lost?

If your card is lost or stolen you can deactivate it at any time through your MySacState account. Log in to your My Sac State account and click on the OneCard icon. Click on "Lost or Stolen OneCard" on the left toolbar then "Deactivate" or "Activate".

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the Bursar's Office at 916-278-1000, option 3 or email and provide your name, Student I.D. number and a brief message explaining the situation.

I hate my picture. Can I have another one made?

Once the card is printed, retakes are not allowed unless the picture is unusable due to closed eyes or other similar problems. If you really must have another ID picture made, you can purchase a replacement card for $15.00.

What should I do if my OneCard does not work?

If for any reason your OneCard does not work, bring it to OneCard Services in the Bursar's Office in Lassen Hall, Room 1001 so that we can evaluate the problem and fix it.

What are your office hours?

Please see the Bursar's Office main webpage for current hours.

Money in my account at the beginning of every semester

All regularly enrolled students who have paid their fees receive an allotment of free prints that can be used at all University PrintSmart labs. (CCE and ELI Students not applicable). The frequency and number of prints are determined by the IRT department. These prints are loaded into your PrintSmart account on your OneCard. Your PrintSmart balance is only viewable at the printer/photocopier and will not be visible at the Hornet Bucks Machines or on your OneCard Online Portal. Once your free prints have been used you will need to deposit money to your Hornet Bucks account to continue to print and photocopy in the labs. If you have any questions regarding your free prints, please contact PrintSmart Services at 916-278-7941 or

How do I get a refund?

A refund of OneCard funds can only be processed if the you have more than $5 on your OneCard and you are no longer part of the university (graduated, withdrew). If you meet these requirements, please complete Refund Application and turn it in to the address on the form. Our office will then verify the above requirements and forward it on to the appropriate department for final approval. You should receive a check for the full refund amount within 2-4 weeks.

What happens to my old card after my replacement is issued?

Your old card is deactivated and cannot be used.

What happens if my OneCard is damaged?

The Bursar's Office will provide a free replacement of any card that is worn out from normal use. Stickers, holes, creases, worn magnetic stripes etc. will most likley render the card inoperable. The card should not be left in direct sunlight and should be kept away from magnetic fields and other bankcards, which contain magnetic stripes. These simple precautions will protect the card and its value.

I am a new student. When can I get my OneCard?

You will have the opportunity to pick up your card when you attend student orientation or anytime in the Bursar's Ofice after you have registered for classes. It is recommended that you get your card before school starts because the lines are generally longer during the first two weeks of school.

What will the OneCard allow me to do?

The OneCard is your student ID, your library card, it allows you to ride Regional Transit bus and lightrail with the OneCard placed in the current semesters commuter sleeve. You will need the OneCard to print in all campus computer labs and when you deposit money into your Hornet Bucks account you can use your card just like cash all over campus; a few of the campus eateries, the Hornet Bookstore, and Bursar's Office, just to name a few.

How much/little can I deposit into my OneCard Hornet Bucks Account?

There is no minimum nor maximum deposit. The possibilities are endless.....

What do I need to do to ride Sac RT and LightRail using OneCard?

In order to ride Sacramento Regional Transit and LightRail you need to keep your card in a valid Student Commuter Sleeve. Both a OneCard and Student Commuter Sleeve are needed to access the RT and Lightrail free of charge. To access Sacramento Regional Transit just show the bus driver your OneCard in the Student Commuter Sleeve as you board the bus. When riding LightRail, just get on the train and if someone comes through and asks to see your ticket, show them your OneCard in the Student Commuter Sleeve.

Where can I pick up a valid Student Commuter Sleeve?

Student Commuter Sleeves are available throughout the semester at the following locations:

  • Bursar's Office/Cashiering windows (Lassen Hall 1001)
  • University Transportation and Parking (located in the new Welcome Center near the J Street entrance, next to Parking Structure 5)