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Facilities Reservations for Community Customers

Sacramento State may have the perfect venue for your next event! The Sacramento State campus offers a wide assortment of outdoor recreational spaces and sports facilities situated on beautiful grounds including the Main Quad, playing fields, and more. The campus also offers various indoor facilities such as gymnasiums, theatres, music recital hall, and classrooms that will accommodate recreational and sports events, theatre and dance performances, music concerts, as well as meetings ranging from small groups to large conferences. Sacramento State is a smoke and tobacco-free campus.

Campus Scheduling Offices

Space Management schedules State-owned campus facilities and all outdoor spaces (with the exception of the Challenge Center) on the Sacramento State campus. Campus venues not scheduled by Space Management are listed below for your convenience.

  • Aquatic Center (Lake Natoma): 916-278-2842
  • Challenge Center (Peak Adventures): 916-278-6321
  • College of Continuing Education: 916-278-4433
  • Harper Alumni Center: 916-278-7809
  • Housing Conference Services: 916-278-4982
  • Julia Morgan House (UEI): 916-227-5527
  • The WELL: 916-278-9355
  • University Union: 916-278-6743

All space requests to schedule activities must be received, assigned, and approved through the appropriate scheduling office. The appropriate scheduling office is responsible for implementing and publishing use policies and conditions specific to its facilities.

  • State-owned campus facilities and outdoor spaces are scheduled through the Office of Space Management.
  • Student organization activities are coordinated through the Office of Student Organizations and Leadership (SOAL) and their activities are scheduled through the University Union Event Services office.
  • Campus auxiliaries and self-support programs that have their own scheduling office include: Aquatic Center (Lake Natoma), Peak Adventures (Challenge Center), College of Continuing Education (Napa Hall), Harper Alumni Center, University Housing Services, University Enterprises, Inc. (Julia Morgan House), the Well, and the University Union.

Facilities Use Eligibility Requirements

State-owned campus facilities and outdoor spaces are available to community groups and organizations, for purposes that promote the mission of the University and its activities, when not needed for University programs. University facilities are not available overnight and on holidays when the Sacramento State campus is closed.

In order to qualify for use of University facilities, an organization must meet the eligibility requirements below and contact Space Management at least 60 days in advance of the event start date. For reference, view the Community Event Request Workflow.

An organization must fall in one of the following categories (Ed Code 89046):

  1. A governmental agency;
  2. A non-profit, charitable, educational, or character-building organization;
  3. A group or individual who will use the facility for educational or non-commercial uses.

Note: Events for profit are not typically within University policy unless they are of a fundraising nature for the University. The scheduling or use of University facilities or property by individuals for personal or private events is not permitted either for profit or nonprofit purposes.

Note: Space and facilities, which are assigned on a continuous 24-hour basis to ongoing administrative, office, academic, plant operation, or service functions of the University or its auxiliary enterprises, are not available for any other use.

Additional requirements include:

  1. Eligibility status of off-campus groups and organizations will be reviewed. Proof of eligibility (such as 501c3 determination letter from IRS) may be required.
  2. An event must be related to the University’s broad educational mission.
  3. Space is scheduled on a semester basis (winter, spring, summer, fall). A separate Request to Use University Facilities form must be submitted for a requested date that overlaps into another semester.
  4. Each request for use of facilities is generally limited to a maximum of four dates per semester.
  5. Initial contact is required at least 2 months (60 days) in advance of the event. A completed and signed request form for a reservation that has already been tentatively approved by Space Management must be received in Space Management no later than 30 working days (6 weeks) prior to the beginning date of the event.
  6. Facilities rental fees and service fees apply. Appropriate deposit must be paid, insurance requirements must be met, and a contract must be signed prior to the event or the confirmed reservation is null and void. The remaining fee balance will be invoiced after the event.
  7. All requirements as stated in the terms and conditions for use of University facilities, youth protection program, and Sacramento County Public Health and University COVID-19 safety guidelines for events must be met.