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Organizational Wisdom Studio Project

The COB Organizational Wisdom Studio Project aims to create a vibrant platform among academics, artists, executives, and students to gather, explore, generate, and communicate wisdom for organizations to enhance leadership capacities for pursuing happier organizational experiences in our society.

Wisdom Studio Episode Series

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  • “Series-1: Pursuing Organizational Wisdom in a Pandemic”
    This track presents interdisciplinary video series to seek organizational wisdom during the social isolation period. Episodes host internationally recognized scholars, artists and business leaders exploring new thinking in organizational wisdom and leadership to overcome challenges resulting from to the pandemic.
    Watch Series-1 Pursuing Organizational Wisdom in a Pandemic
  • “Series-2: Leading with Emotional Intelligence Film Festival Selections”
    This track features film projects produced by the Human Resource Management students, featured in COB Annual Film Festival within a time period spanning more than a decade, at the Sacramento State University. These comedy films explore how emotionally intelligent leadership can make a difference in organizations.
    Watch Series-2: Leading with Emotional Intelligence Film Festival Selections
  • “Series-3: Work-Life Wisdom – Understanding Anger in Organizations”
    This track brings an interdisciplinary lens to better understand anger in organizations by integrating insights from academic research, executive practice, arts, music, and theater. In an era where emotions run high, these 7 interrelated episodes address a need to better understand, reflect on, regulate, and respond to anger in daily work interactions.
    Watch Series-3: Work-Life Wisdom – Understanding Anger in Organizations

COB Organizational Wisdom Studio Live Event on Entrepreneurship:

Developing Wisdom to Manage Emotional Energy in Entrepreneurship - November 21, 2019, Hinde Auditorium, University Union, CSUS

Download the Wisdom Studio Event Program

Inaugural COB Organizational Wisdom Studio Event:

A Wise Approach to Addressing Anger in Organizations - November 15, 2017, Tsakopoulos Public Library Galleria

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