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Doctorate in Educational Leadership College of Education

Ed.D. Faculty Directory

Our unique program pairs the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with the Department of Public Policy and Administration, taking advantage of its location in California's capital to utilize the expertise of education policymakers and analysts.

Courses are taught by our renowned university faculty and executive leaders in P-12 and community college. These leaders are steeped in the issues affecting the local region and can help you build a network of influential educational colleagues.


Vajra Watson

Faculty Director, Associate Professor

Photo of Vajra Watson
  • Research: Educational equity, community-university-school partnerships, social justice youth development, critical race theory, scholar activism, qualitative research methods.

Ed.D. Faculty

Frank Adamson

Associate Professor

Photo of Frank Adamson

Elizabeth Morgan

Assistant Professor

Photo of Elizabeth Morgan
  • Office Hours: TBD
  • Research: Inclusive Education; Anti-Racism Research and Teaching Paradigms; Critical Race Theoretical Framework; Intersectional and Interdisciplinary Research

Carlos Nevarez

Interim Provost

Photo of Carlos Nevarez

Lisa Romero


Photo of Lisa Romero
  • Research: School Climate, Trust, Discipline Gap, Race/Ethnicity, Equity

Sheeva Sabati

Assistant Professor

Photo of Sheeva Sabati
  • Research: Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Decolonization, Feminist Studies, Ethics and Community-Based Action Research


Dale Allender

Photo of Dale Allender

Stephen Brock


Photo of Stephen Brock
  • Research: School safety, crisis prevention and crisis preparedness; ADHD and other developmental mental illnesses, behavioral intervention

Sarah Jouganatos

Associate Professor, PASC & MA Program Coordinator

Photo of Sarah Jouganatos
  • Research: Educational leadership; equity; diversity; retention; equitable access.

Ted Lascher


Photo of Ted Lascher
  • Research: Direct democracy, state & local politics, effective writing

Robert Wassmer

PPA Chairperson, MSULD Program Director, Professor

Photo of Robert Wassmer
  • Office Hours: 230 Sac State Downtown (3rd and S Streets)
  • Specialty & Interests: Public Economics/Policy, Urban Economics/Policy, Education Policy, and State and Local Public Finance/Policy
Total Members: 11