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ECS Helpdesk Topics

ECS students have unique access to resources and help in the College of ECS. For more information see the following help topics below. There are also more how-to articles at ECS News.

ECS Accounts

What is an ECS Account?

Historically, ECS students had both a regular CSUS account which was used for logging into campus-wide, CSUS resources such as MySacState, their <username> email address, and lab systems outside of the College of ECS. For ECS servers, lab machines, and other resources, they used special ECS accounts.

As of the fall 2020 semester, ECS accounts will start being phased out. Existing accounts will not be changed. All existing ECS resources will remain accessible though some resources may become read-only, in an attempt to keep migration efforts under control. Some ECS resources will still be accessible but may also become redundant.

You can still change your password and log into ECS resources with your existing ECS account, but we will not be making new personal ECS accounts. Class accounts and project accounts will still be created for the fall semester as needed. For more information about changes to ECS accounts, please visit the new ECS News site.

Request or Modify ECS Account

ECS Account Password Reset Instructions

Please contact the ECS Student Assistants here to reset your ECS password. ECS club officers should contact their advisors to begin password reset procedures.

Wireless Access

Campus wireless (Eduroam) is available throughout Riverside Hall and Santa Clara Hall.

IT Problems

How To Submit a Problem Report

Whether there's a problem in one of the labs, with your campus computer, or connecting to ECS resources with your personal system, this is the place to submit those issues to us so that we can diagnose and resolve them.

To contact us, the following methods can be used:

Contact the ECS Helpdesk Student Assistants

Call (916) 278-6690 or Chat with a Student Support Assistant Mon - Fri | 8 a.m - 7:30 p.m.

Contact Us Via Email

You can also reach us by email if you're encountering a problem. Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Where is the problem?
  • What is the nature of the problem? Please provide us with a description and give as much detail as you can in regards to the problem.
  • Please provide your contact information so that we may contact you in regards to the problem. This is optional, we will not spam your inbox.

VPN - Off-Campus Access to ECS Resources

ECS Students can access internal campus resources while off campus by using the CSUS VPN. Download the client and connect to the VPN by following the instructions for connecting to the CSUS VPN via the Global Protect VPN Client

Key Fobs

ECS Key Fobs - What Are They and How Do I Get One?

We strongly suggest that you get a key fob to grant you access to the ECS resources you need, as well as to keep you and your fellow students safe.

Key fobs give ECS students access to Riverside Hall and Santa Clara Hall after hours, as well as specific labs related to your major. While some labs are unlocked during business hours, other labs are ONLY accessible via key fob. Furthermore, some labs are specific to certain majors and without a key fob you will always be reliant on other students with keyfobs to let you in.


Instructions to get an ECS Student Key Fob can be found on the ECS Key Fob Sharepoint Page. Please use your full "" username to access the instruction page.