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Gerontology Department College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

About Gerontology Department

Temporary Remote Staffing for Spring 2020

The Gerontology Department Office will be staffed remotely Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

The main office phone is 916-278-7163 to leave a voicemail. The office email is and you can reach the office administrator directly at

All faculty are available through email, listed on the Meet Us link.

For more information on campus resources regarding COVID-19, click HERE.


The Gerontology Program provides an applied interdisciplinary approach to studying the human aging process and the challenges encountered by older adults and their families as they interact in contemporary society.

The Department of Gerontology curriculum was conceived and has evolved based on the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE) nationally recognized gerontological program criteria and professional practice competencies. Using this organization's vision, national evidence based view, and competency criteria, has strengthened the program, assisted career definition in the field, and positioned the Sacramento State Program to be ready for program accreditation when it is mandated by the profession.

*For information on the Special Master's specializing in Gerontology and one other field, go Graduate Special Major Program Form and talk to the Gerontology Department Office and the Office of Graduate Studies.

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Sigma Phi Omega

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Apply for continuously-open part time faculty positions with the Gerontology Department.

Gerontology Department

We are looking forward to a great year with all of our Gerontology Hornets! As the 2019/20 year starts, the Gerontology Department wishes to remind us all that we stand with the Hornet Honor Code: "As proud members and representatives of the Sacramento State Hornet community, we commit ourselves to actively promoting honesty, integrity, respect and care for every person, ensuring a welcoming campus environment, and striving to help every member of our Hornet family feel a strong sense of belonging.
As Hornets, we will:
1. Promote an inclusive campus and community.
2. Listen and respect each other’s thoughts, interests, and views.
3. Value diversity and learn from one another.
4. Engage daily with mutual trust, care, and integrity.
5. Support a culture of honor and adhere to campus policies for
honesty, ethics, and conduct.
6. Be proud to be Sac State Hornets."

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