Art 20A Beginning Drawing

Trap Drawing

Birdhouse Project

Perspective assignment

Two Point System

Isometric Drawing

Art 20B Intermediate Drawing

Birdhouse Project

Help! I’ve been hit drawing.

Trap Drawing

Axiometric Drawing

Perspective assignment

45 Degrees and Circle Structure



INDEX - Printmaking Handouts and Portfolio

Lithography Process:

Lithography Handout                      Lithography Handout (printer friendly PDF format)
Color Registration                          Color Registration
(printer friendly PDF format)           
Corrections                                       Corrections
(printer friendly PDF format)           
Etching and Stabilizing                 Etching and Stabilizing
(PDF format)    
Offset Instructions                          Offset Instructions
(printer friendly PDF format)
Photolithographic Process
2006 donated plates details


Intaglio Process:

Printing Intaglio                               Printing Intaglio (printer friendly PDF format)                                                   
Sugar Lift Process                          Sugar Lift Process
(printer friendly PDF format                                       
Dry Point Imagery Printing             Drypoint Imagery Printing
(PDF format)    
Aquatint                                            Aquatint.
(printer friendly PDF format)

Digital to Traditional:

Photo Lithographic Processes      Photo Lithographic Process (PDF format)

Personal Imagery:  

Couple in Garden

Cripple Creek Dream

Erin with Maze and Bowl

Sally and Jeff

The Arrangement

Titania I

GB Braid/Four-hand

Student Imagery:

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