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My SacLink Account & My Sac State

My Sac State is your secure portal to manage your University account and to access the technology services available to you through the university, including your email. My Sac State Portal has recently been refreshed.

Depending on your role on campus, the content in your portal has been customized to present the tools most useful for you:

  • Student Portal: Quick Links to the Student Center offers course registration, official grades, financial aid information, and more. You'll have access to Canvas Announcements and Assignments, and more.
  • Employee/Faculty Portal: View and manage details including personal information, leave balance reporting, benefits, paycheck data, and more. Faculty have quick access to add/drop approvals.

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Create Your Account

Your campus SacLink account allows you access to a variety of campus resources, such as campus email, My Sac State, Office 365, computer labs, and library databases. Generally, the following individuals are eligible for a new account:

  • Student applicants
  • Incoming new faculty or staff
  • Sponsored guest accounts

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Manage Your Password

Password Manager offers self-service password reset options either via text message or email to your personal contact information on file in My Sac State.

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FAQ and Password Manager User Guides

Having password issues? Open a ticket with the IRT Service Desk Team or call (916) 278-7337 during open hours.

You can request to make a change to a username and/or email alias of your university account.

  • Note: These requests are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons on the week of receipt, and any requests received during the last two weeks of a semester will be rescheduled.

Change Your Username

Change Your Email Alias

You can request additional versions of your university email address to make sure campus community members are able to reach your inbox successfully. Email aliases are like automatic email forwards, where messages sent to one address is received by another.

Request an Email Alias

Request 2-Step Verification with Duo

Two-Step verification with Duo also known as "multi-factor authentication," provides an extra layer of security in addition to passwords. This extra step ensures University information, transactions or online work is safer from unauthorized access.

Request Duo

Additional Accounts & Access

Request additional access, set up any specialty accounts needed for departments, systems, or campus visitors, and more by visiting the Campus Accounts & Access Page.

Campus Accounts & Access Page