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University Desktop Services

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Many colleges manage their own devices. Please contact your local IT staff for specific support needs.

Computer Refresh

IRT Desktop Services manages the Computer Refresh program, and is committed to ensuring that full-time faculty, Academic Affairs staff, and IRT staff are working with up-to-date equipment. The program tracks and assigns new computers when current ones no longer meet University academic and business needs.

If you have questions about how the refresh program applies to you, please contact your college IT staff.

View Standard Refresh Device Options


When a device no longer meets University security or performance standards, they are either recycled, refurbished, or repurposed. This includes computers, laptops, peripherals, monitors, and other types of electronics. If you have hard drives, we can also securely dispose of them.

Request an E-Waste Pickup

Operating System Imaging

Operating System (OS) images provides faculty and staff with standardized packages of pre-installed software and configurations to existing, new or repaired devices to make support consistent and efficient.

Request an IRT Standard Image

IRT-supported devices already include a standard image.

Software Services

The IRT Software Services team helps manage procure, license, inventory, install and audit the University's diverse collection of applications. We also evaluate University software for compliance with information security and accessibility policies.

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