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Campus Device Standards

To provide a more consistent, sustainable, and supportable technology experience, Sacramento State has an established campus technology standard for all University-managed devices used by faculty and staff, or individuals utilizing campus labs or check-out devices.

Campus Technology Standards

For faculty and staff, the University supports an Apple and Lenovo laptop and desktop standard, which includes standardized packages of pre-installed software, system, and security configurations.

While students may purchase/use whichever devices they have access to, we recommend the following minimum standards in order to be compatible with University systems.

Benefits of standardized offerings include:

  • Compliance with CSU and Sacramento State Workstation Security Standards
  • Computers that are configurable and compatible with information security tools and requirements, have regular security patching, and are ready for use across all enterprise campus technology services
  • Consistently high-quality hardware components, ease in troubleshooting issues, and extended warranty support.

Standard Device Setup

Standard Windows Setup Standard Mac Setup
Lenovo ThinkPad T14  13" MacBook Air
i7 Processor  M2 Processor
512 Solid State Drive  512 Solid State Drive
Docking Station  Docking Station
24” Monitor  24” Monitor

Technology Procurement Process

As part of technology procurement, campus utilizes a dedicated evaluation process - the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement Request Form - to help ensure that new technology equipment or software is accessible, secure, compliant, and works with campus infrastructure.

Contact us if you have questions, or simply begin your ICT request.

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