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Workstation Security Standards

Workstations or endpoints are one of the highest security threats. Unpatched or unprotected workstations can result in substantial security breaches.

CSU Information Security Policy H. ISO Domain 12: Operations Security Policy identifies requirements for CSU-owned workstations in two security standards:

Included in this section are specific IRT recommendations that meet CSU requirements for the protection of University-managed workstations.

Common Workstation Standards

CSU standard 8050.S100 establishes configuration requirements for all campus computers, as well as requiring that campuses define local implementations for these requirements.

High Risk/Critical Workstation Standards

High risk/critical workstations are workstations that store or access Level 1 data, or more than 500 records of Level 2 data.

High Risk/Critical workstations must meet all common workstation standards, as well as critical workstation standards.

Information Security Policies & Standards 

Mobile Device Security

Device security covers more than computer workstations. Mobile devices - which we often use interchangeably for business and personal - can require even more care and attention: they're smaller, easier to misplace or steal, and perhaps even more than our computers, tend to carry our whole personal and professional identities.

Learn how to implement recommended important security practices to ensure that your mobile devices - and the data stored on them - are secure against hackers and other security concerns.

Mobile Device Security Guidelines

Technology Procurement

Need to purchase a workstation or laptop? Browse the campus device standards, or connect with us for recommendations about software and other accessories. Or, if you've already identified your intended purchase, the required Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement Request Form helps ensure that new campus technology purchases:

  • Meet campus device standards
  • Are compatible/integrated with campus systems
  • Comply with accessibility and security requirements, and federal and state laws

Campus Device Standards

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