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2-Step Verification with Duo Information Security

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Using Duo is how you can protect your identity, prevent financial aid scams, and guarantee secure access to the campus services you use every day — like Canvas, My Sac State, Microsoft 365, and your SacLink email to name a few.

Duo Enrollment Guide

Authentication Methods

Duo Mobile App - Recommended

We all usually have our smart phones on us, which makes Duo's free mobile app the easiest way to Duo! Watch the enrollment video, or follow these first-time setup steps:

  1. Download the free Duo mobile app on your smart phone or tablet. iOS or Android.
  2. In a web browser, visit the Duo website to Enroll. If already enrolled, visit Manage my Devices.
  3. Choose the mobile app or token authentication method, then click “Confirm.”
  4. You’ll receive a welcome email from IRT with a link to enroll.
  5. Click “Start Setup,” add your device, and follow instructions to finish enrolling.

Alternative Methods

Don’t have a smart phone in order to use the mobile app, or want to discuss alternatives? Ask the IRT Service Desk Team about possible backup methods.

Mobile Device Security & Duo Flooding

Duo is one of many ways you can protect your device - and the data you access with it. Learn more tips and recommendations for mobile device security.

A scam you need to look out for is "Duo Flooding." If your Sac State account becomes compromised, hackers may attempt to send you Duo push notifications you didn't originate in the hopes that you'll accept and allow them to gain access to campus systems as "you." If you receive a Duo push notification you did not originate, follow these steps:

  1. Press the deny button, then click "yes" to report it as a suspicious login.
  2. Change your password ASAP to something completely different at

How To's & Support

Duo Online Support

Contact the IRT Service Desk Team