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Wi-Fi 6

More connections, better streaming, no buffering — that’s the experience with Wi-Fi 6.

A huge leap in campus wireless network capability built into University buildings and structures, Wi-Fi 6 will soon become our new campus standard!


  • 4x the network capacity and wider range
  • 8k streaming ability
  • 40% increase in data throughput = faster downloads
  • Better performance in multi-device environments such as classrooms and labs
  • Longer battery life for your devices.

More About Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Campus Wi-Fi 6 Locations

Wi-Fi 6 is available in the majority of campus buildings/structures. You can view the Campus Outdoor Wi-Fi map for additional hotspots:

Campus Outdoor Wi-Fi Map

Connecting + Driver Support

All University-managed devices are Wi-Fi 6 ready, but it’s so advanced that some personal devices you bring to campus may need a driver update to tap into this enhanced wireless experience.

All devices with wireless cards can connect at any campus Wi-Fi hot spot, but boosting to Wi-Fi 6 in the Wi-Fi 6-enabled locations may require a hardware update for your personal device.


Driver updates come from Apple directly via the built-in OS Software Update.


We recommend downloading driver updates for your specific device’s wireless card directly from the manufacturer's Support > Downloads/Drivers section. Some manufacturers also offer a utility you can install to scan for and download available driver updates - search for "Support Assist" or "System Update" on the manufacturer's website.

Get Support

Contact the IRT Service Desk Team

Or call 916-278-7337 during open hours.