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Wi-Fi 6

More connections, better streaming, no buffering — that’s the experience with Wi-Fi 6.

A huge leap in campus wireless network capability built into University buildings and structures, Wi-Fi 6 will soon become our new campus standard!


  • 4x the network capacity and wider range
  • 8k streaming ability
  • 40% increase in data throughput = faster downloads
  • Better performance in multi-device environments such as classrooms and labs
  • Longer battery life for your devices.

More About Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Campus Wi-Fi 6 Locations

The following alphabetical table highlights whether Wi-Fi 6 is available in campus buildings/structures. You can also view the Campus Outdoor Wi-Fi map for additional hotspots:

Campus Outdoor Wi-Fi Map

Building/Structure Wi-Fi 6 Ready
AIRC Spring/Summer 2022
Alpine Hall
Amador Hall Spring/Summer 2022
American River Courtyard
Art Sculpture Lab Future
Athletics Center Future
Athletics Fieldhouse Future
Baseball Storage/Dugout Future
Benicia Hall
Brighton Hall
Calaveras Hall Future
Capistrano Hall Future
Capital Public Radio
Central Plant Future
Children's Center
Del Norte Hall ✔ 
Desmond Hall
Dining Commons
Douglass Hall
Downtown  Future
Draper Hall 
Environmental Health Future
Eureka Hall
Facilities Physical Plant Future
Folsom Hall  Spring/Summer 2022
Harper Alumni Center
Hornet Bookstore
Hornet Commons
Humboldt Hall
Jenkins Hall
Julia Morgan House & Garden
Kadema Hall
Lassen Hall
Mariposa Hall
Mendocino Hall
Modoc Hall
Napa Hall
Non-Destructive Lab Future
Outdoor Theatre Future
Parking Structures  
Placer Hall Future
PS1 Future
PS2 Future 
Public Safety Future
Receiving Warehouse Future
River Front Center
Riverside Hall
Riverview Hall
Roundhouse Future
Sac State Aquatic Center
Sacramento Hall
Santa Clara Hall
Sequoia Hall  Spring/Summer 2022
Shasta Hall Future
Sierra Hall
Solano Hall  Spring/Summer 2022
Stadium & Press Box Future
Studio Theatre
Sutter Hall
Tahoe Hall
The WELL Future
Tschannen Science Complex
University Print & Mail 
University Union
Welcome Center
Yosemite Hall 

Connecting + Driver Support

All University-managed devices are Wi-Fi 6 ready, but it’s so advanced that some personal devices you bring to campus may need a driver update to tap into this enhanced wireless experience.

All devices with wireless cards can connect at any campus Wi-Fi hot spot, but boosting to Wi-Fi 6 in the Wi-Fi 6-enabled locations may require a hardware update for your personal device.


Driver updates come from Apple directly via the built-in OS Software Update.


We recommend downloading driver updates for your specific device’s wireless card directly from the manufacturer's Support > Downloads/Drivers section. Some manufacturers also offer a utility you can install to scan for and download available driver updates - search for "Support Assist" or "System Update" on the manufacturer's website.

Get Support

Contact the IRT Service Desk Team

Or call 916-278-7337 during open hours.