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About Assessment


These processes serve several important internal and external functions, including: making our records and documentation explicit and publicly available; setting appropriate criteria and standards for quality of learning and performance outcomes; systematically gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine how well performance matches standards; and the utilization of supportive data to document, explain and improve performance.

Academic Program Needs Assessment

This report highlights important characteristics within the GSA (Greater Sacramento Area) that are useful for administrators and other stakeholders. This report examines important areas including population characteristics, employment characteristics, education characteristics, income and poverty characteristics, information on local education providers and current and future needs within education.

Academic Program Needs Assessment of the Greater Sacramento Area

WASC Accreditation

Current WASC Re-accreditationThe California State University, Sacramento self-study and reports associated with the WASC Re-accreditation process.

Voluntary System of AccountabilityA robust, interactive, and custom tool to support college and university leaders’ use of data in strategic planning and decision making. The VSA allows users to build custom analytical and graphical reports with the SAS-Visual Analytics platform in just minutes. To access the content on the VSA website, you need to be a member with a username and password.

Non-Academic Programs Assessment

Equity Programs Assessment Reports

Student Affairs AssessmentThe assessment of Student Affairs' programs and units reflects the continuous effort to gather, analyze, and interpret data which help describe the effectiveness of Students Affairs’ programs and departments.

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