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Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Student Center Division of Student Affairs

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APIDA Student Center Resources

Collaborative Campus Partners

To join the directory, please email the APIDA Student Center.

The Power-Up Newsletter

The Power-Up from the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Center, a newsletter powered by students for students

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This newsletter is led by students, so please submit a story idea for future newsletters at by the 15th of each month.

Community Partners

To join the directory, please email the APIDA Student Center.

APIDA Allies and Advocates

To continue support of APIDA students, the APIDA Center, SASEEP, and the Campus Educational Equity Committee are compiling a list of faculty and staff who would like to serve as allies and advocates for the APIDA Hornet Family.

This list is updated monthly. Faculty and staff are invited to join our directory. For more information, please contact the APIDA Student Center.

Full Name Email Department
Jaydeep Balakrishnan College of Business
Bonnie Beevers College of Business
Alyson Buckman Humanities and Religious Studies
Anne Cheng SASEEP
Chong Choe-Smith Philosophy
Charles Cole Admissions and Outreach
Suzie Dollesin Teacher Credentialing
Lisa Duong Office of the University Registrar
Rahsaan Ellison-Johnson DAC
Marya Endriga College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies
Lisa Hammersley College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Lynn Hanna Family and Consumer Sciences
Cheng Hong Communication Studies
Linda Howe-Ram First Star Academy
Patsy Jimenez Multi-Cultural Center
Julia Jimenez President's Office
HyunGyung Joo College of Education
Erica Kobbe Annual Giving
Kendon Kurzer English
Young-Im Lee Political Science
Mary Maguire CHHS
Rosa Martinez English
Jose Mejia   EOP/SASEEP
Edward Mills Student Affairs
Michael Mink Public Health
Noel Mora Serna Center
Tommy Ngo Admissions & Outreach
Kevin Nguyen SASEEP
Erica Perez College Assistance Migrant Program
Angelica Perez Guardian Scholars Program
Jianjian "JJ" Qin  Psychology 
Katherine Raines Education -Undergraduate
Xin Ren Criminal Justice
Corinne Rowland IRT
Renee Siden Alumni Relations 
Mary Thao Office of the Registrar's 
Rebecca Thompson Student Health & Counseling
Ashley Torres Student Organizations & Leadership
Raghu Trichur  Anthropology
Mary Lee Vance DAC
Pawan Wallace Financial Aid & Scholarships
Seunghee "Skyler" Wie Family and Consumer Sciences
Jeannie Wong University Communications

Faculty Advisory Liaison

The APIDA Center Faculty Advisory Liaison collaborates with and on behalf of the APIDA Center, by offering career mentorship, information, and guidance to research and graduate school opportunities and community resources to students.

To get involved, please contact Co-Chairs Dr. Seunghee Wie and Dr. Maiko Xiongby completing the APIDA Faculty Interest Survey