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Coronavirus Information for Students Division of Student Affairs

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Health & Counseling Updates

What if I feel sick?
Student Health and Counseling Services will remain open for students. We ask that you call before you come so that we can provide you with an appropriate appointment and prepare for your visit. We are able to offer phone, zoom, and limited in-person appointments. Please call 916-278-6461. During non-business hours you will be immediately connected to our Nurse Advice Line.

What if I have been exposed to someone with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19?

  • Stay home. A Shelter-in-place directive is in place for Sacramento County until further notice.
  • Self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days
    • Check for fever (temperature 100.4 degrees or higher)
    • Dry cough
    • Sore throat
    • Shortness of breath
  • If you become sick, self-isolate at home. Many illnesses, including the coronavirus, do not need doctor’s care. You should self-isolate at home until cough, fever, and respiratory symptoms are gone for at least three full days, or for seven days from when the symptoms first started.
  • If the illness is severe, call your health care provider or the Student Health Center at 916-278-6461. Do not go directly to the health center, urgent care or emergency department without calling first. That will allow them to prepare for you. Do not call 911 or go to an emergency department unless you are having severe symptoms.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is only being done on symptomatic persons.

What should I do for my older or sick relatives and neighbors?
It is important to self-isolate from anyone aged 65 and older or with a chronic health condition (heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer) or have weakened immune systems. These individuals are particularly vulnerable and at high-risk for complications due to the COVID-19 virus. Maintain contact by phone, email, social media, etc. Set up a system of family and friends to provide support, including delivering essentials to homebound and sick people.

Health and Wellness Promotion

Are all health and wellness (HWP) events cancelled?
Yes, at this time All HWP events, presentations, and workshops have been cancelled (including tabling, Condom Cart, etc.). One potential exception is the Out of the Darkness Walk (TBD, based on Virtual option).

Are nutrition appointments available with the Registered Dietician?
Yes, appointments will continue with in-person consults or via telephone. Please contact the Registered Dietician at 916-278-6461 regarding any concerns about future appointments or cancelling appointments.

Am I still required to attend a substance abuse sanctioning appointment?
Yes. All scheduled appointments have been contacted and any future appointments will be provided virtually. Please contact Rachel Alvarez for further questions or rescheduling appointments.

Is my WIN appointment still available?
WIN program has been cancelled for the remainder of the school year and will resume the spring 2021 semester.

What services can I access at Health and Wellness Promotion Office (WELL 1st floor)?
Free safer sex products (internal and external condoms, dental dams, lubricants) are still available during current Student Health and Counseling hours. Tobacco Quit Kits are still available in the Student Health and Counseling Services Pharmacy (WELL 1st floor).

Medical Services

Is Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) open for business for the remainder of the semester?
Yes. SHCS will remain open for all services Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.

What if I am worried about having been exposed to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Students who have concerns about their exposure risk or symptoms should call SHCS at 916-278-6461 or their healthcare provider. It's important to call before coming in. Exposure risk is thought to be low and in most cases, symptoms are mild. Patients at greatest risk are individuals 65 years or older with chronic medical conditions. An after-hours advice nurse is available. To talk with a nurse 24/7, please call 1-207-2285-9040.

Is SHCS able to provide a note if my employer or professor requires a note to go back to work or clear absence in class?
SHCS does not provide visit verification or absence excuses for students who have missed work or school.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that “employers allow flexible sick-leave policies during this outbreak and encourage employees to stay home if they are ill with acute respiratory illness until they have no signs of a fever and any other symptom for at least 24 hours.” Additionally, “employers should not require a note from a medical provider to return to work.” (Coronavirus, 2020)


Can I still come to my therapy appointment on campus?
Yes. Individual therapy appointments will continue on campus unless you are notified otherwise by your counselor. In-person group therapy is cancelled. If you are sick please contact your counselor to reschedule and do not come to your appointment.

Can I do therapy online?
Not yet, but soon (we hope!). We are working on offering the option of online individual and group therapy. We will update the website when this option is available.

Can I schedule an appointment online?
Not right now. Please call the front desk so we can make sure you are scheduled for the appointment that will best meet your needs.


Is the Pharmacy open?
Yes. The pharmacy is open Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm. We are open for prescriptions and OTC medications sales.

How do I transfer my prescription out to another pharmacy?
You can call our pharmacy for assistance in transferring at 916-278-6040.

The stores are out of hand sanitizer and masks, what should I do?
Masks are not recommended if you are healthy per CDC guidelines. Handwashing with soap and water works best.

Does the flu shot protect again the coronavirus?
No. The flu shot provides protection against the seasonal flu.