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Student Health & Counseling Services Division of Student Affairs

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Healthy Campus

Sacramento State is proud to be an award-winning healthy campus. We recognize that health and wellbeing are inextricably linked with student and employee success. Sacramento State prioritizes holistic wellness efforts across campus based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, Career/Financial, Spiritual, and Socio-Cultural.

Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness in the Work Place

Worksite wellness programs have many benefits, including improved employee health, job satisfaction, recruitment and retention; increased productivity; and reduced absenteeism. Sacramento State offers wellbeing activities, a newsletter, and other resources to employees. In addition, many of the health benefits plans offered at Sac State provide preventive services such as smoking cessation support – contact your individual health plan for more information.

Employee Wellness

Wellness in Policies and Places

People’s health behaviors and sense of wellbeing are intimately connected to their environment. Sac State is committed to creating a healthy campus environment to support all members of the Hornet community.

Policies and Places

Wellness in the Classroom

Positive well-being is an important predictor of learning and student success. Research indicates a strong connection between student wellbeing, deep learning, and impactful teaching practices.

By making small adjustments to their teaching processes, faculty can have an enormous impact on students’ wellness and ability to learn. We offer the Classroom Wellness Online Toolkit, a menu of strategies and resources, to help faculty incorporate elements of wellbeing into their pedagogy.

More Information and Resources