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Office of Dean of Students, Student Engagement & Success Division of Student Affairs


About Dean of Students & Student Engagement and Success

What exactly is a Dean of Students?

Situated within the Division of Student Affairs, the Dean of Students is a central resource for all students requiring support and those concerned about other students who may be struggling with crisis, conflict, or needing a greater connection with community life.

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About Student Engagement & Success

Student Engagement & Success
is designed to support your student’s life and success outside of the classroom. These areas provide services for educational success, personal development, and rewarding student experience.

We empower students to understand and participate in the campus community, make informed decisions, and take action to reach their personal and professional goals. We are committed to building and maintaining a vibrant community inclusive and open to all experiences and viewpoints.

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Dean of Students
Lassen Hall, Room 3008
Mon. – Fri., 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Phone: (916) 278-6060

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