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Policies & Procedures For Living On-Campus At Sacramento State

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Residence Hall Policies

Each resident has the right and ability to make decisions about his or her own conduct. Just as importantly, each resident has the responsibility to accept the consequences of those decisions. When an individual’s behavior conflicts with the values of University Housing Services, he or she must adapt his or her behavior to meet the needs of the community, or leave the residence halls.

Policies A-Z

Carefully considering that particular choice—the conscious choice whether to be a part of a community, whether to change his or her behavior to fit the community’s standards—helps each person define who he or she is in the community and in society at large. It can be a formative choice for you with far-reaching implications and should not be taken lightly.

Residence Hall Policies and Procedures

What to Bring

Your stay at Sacramento State will be more comfortable if you have everything you need to make your new room feel like home.

Checklist of what to bring

What Not to Bring

Use this simple rule of thumb: leave it at home if an item presents a safety hazard, an annoyance to others, a likelihood of damaging your room or furnishings. Possession of these items is a violation of Housing policy.

List of Unpermitted Items