2014 Staff Peer Awards Process Opens! Nominate Today!

The nomination process for the 2014 ABA Staff Peer awards began April 1 and runs through April 11.

This award program is special in that it provides ABA staff the ability to nominate fellow staff members for awards in six unique categories. These categories are: Customer Service, Innovation, Positive Attitude, Problem Solver, Professionalism and Teamwork.

Show how much you appreciate and respect your colleagues by nominating someone deserving. Submit your nominations by April 11th! Visit the Staff Peer Award nominations form page to learn more! For more information on this year's recognition campaign timeline, view the Staff Peer Awards process flowchart.


Public Safety Recognizes Quarterly Best



Employee of the Quarter, 4th Quarter 2013 - Scott Christian

"Corporal Scott Christian works hard to make contributions to the team and is very reliable. Recently, Scott made major contributions to the camera assessment project and to the Taser upgrade project. He researched the cost, pros and cons of different tasers, and made recommendations based on his findings. Scott also put together an updated training plan for the new tasers and implemented it quickly."



Student of the Quarter, 4nd Quarter 2013 - Ashley Alestra

"Ashley always has a positive attitude. She is continuously smiling and greeting people. Ashley is always willing to help others, no matter what the job task may entail. Her positive attitude and effectiveness make the people around her feel good and they compliment the department for having such great people that can be approached in a positive way."



Public Safety Selects Employee and Student of the Year

At the end of each year, Public Safety selects one employee and one student who were previously recognized as Employee/Student of the Quarter to be honored as Employee or Student of the year! This year's winners were:PaulErik

Employee of the Year: Paul Skrinie - Recognized in the summer 2013 Newsletter.


Student of the Year: Erik Ortlinghaus - Recognized in the fall 2013 Newsletter.

Congratulations Paul (left) and Erik! (right)



Facilities Management Recognizes Monthly Best


January 2014 - Joe Kelly

"Joe constantly strives to improve HVAC systems and the controls. During the recent cold weather, he found many innovative improvements to programs. He has been closely monitoring new work orders and using his knowledge of the systems to make changes, which cut down on our emergency calls to these facilities. During the December cold spell, he vastly improved conditions in Yosemite Hall, Mariposa Hall, Tahoe Hall, Sacramento Hall and Mendocino Hall.

Joe is a team player who takes pride in teaching others and improving our control systems on campus. He teams up with all the BSEs to help them find solutions to the heating and cooling concerns of students, faculty and staff. They all know he is able and willing to help if they need technical assistance. Way to go Joe!"TJ


February 2014 - TJ Moon

"T.J.'s positivity is the strength of his work ethic.  T.J. was the key liaison between Facilities Management and IRT during the Winter Break Smart Classroom Project. During this venture, T.J. fostered a smooth construction process for all twelve classrooms. 

Additionally, T.J. generated all drawings for the twelve rooms, put together a cost tracking sheet to keep upper management  apprised of the status, and maintained communication between IRT staff and in-house trades to ensure a timely completion. Kudos, TJ!"




March 2014 - Tomas Palomino

"Tomas strategically paces himself while performing his duties, to get the maximum amount of work completed in a day. Whether it’s picking up litter or pruning a large tree, the task is always completed with pride and professionalism. 

He always has a smile on his face and is truly a joy to work with.  He is a multi-talented employee who can complete numerous types of tasks, such as: block wall construction, irrigation and planting and pruning - all done at a journeyman’s level. He regularly volunteers for assignments, such as athletic event clean up and landscape improvement projects, which have really enhanced our campus. Thank you, Tomas"




ABA Leadership Peer Award Photos Posted

In November 2013, ABA solicited nominations for the 2013/2014 Leadership Peer Awards program. This recognition program is unique for its three categories: Leadership Peer, Valued Staff and Team awards.

BracamonteManagers are recognized for their contributions to ABA or University goals, service, teamwork, innovation, process improvement, advancement, communication, or the development of a model practice.

Teams are recognized for accomplishment of a common assignment, a project, a process or service improvement, or contributions made towards ABA and University goals.

Valued staff are recognized for their contributions to the success of ABA initiatives; demonstrating the values of leadership, teamwork, ethics and integrity; and/or excelling in the provision of quality of service or productivity.

Award recipients are nominated by ABA's Management Council members.

To view the entire list of recipients for the 2013/2014 Leadership Peer Awards program, view the ABA Recognition Page.



ABA Says Thanks

ABA hosts a Thank You Blog on its website to make it easy for staff to acknowledge support from colleagues and to recognize their work publicly.

Don't know what to say? You don't need to be elaborate - just a simple "thank you," an explanation of what was done and how much you appreciate it, is all that's needed.

In ABA, no Thank You goes unnoticed!

To: Karen Massey, Krista Valledor (1/14/2014)

A big Thank you to Karen Massey and Krista Valledor for their help expediting a travel advance check on short notice! Their helpful attitude was pivotal in getting the job done, and on time, so that UTAPS could participate in some necessary training. It is a pleasure to work with people who are conscious not only of the external customer, but the internal customer as well. -Annette Karle

To: Stephanie Hunn (1/17/2014)

I'd like to thank Stephanie for assisting me to understand the parking revenue reconciliation process, and for conscientiously reconciling the fee revenue for all these years. It's employees like Stephanie that make ABA so great! -Abbi Stone

To: Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan (3/5/2014)

Priscilla provides the greatest help anyone could ask for! Since I've been in the Budget Office she has always helped me learn new systems; Priscilla goes over office procedures with me step-by-step so I understand and gain hands-on experience. I am grateful to have met and work with Priscilla because I can ask her multiple questions and she's always open to respond. When I come in for work, I know that every day is a happy day with Priscilla! -Ademidun Adejobi

To: Charlie Eyster (3/7/2014)

I want to thank Charlie for his hard work on creating a more efficient report for me in Cognos. He made sure it was user friendly and exactly what I wanted. His persistence, expertise and patience are greatly appreciated. Thanks Charlie! -Lauren Garrett

To: Dominador Gaspar Jr. (3/26/2014)

The custodian service has been great here at the Police Department! The locker rooms and facility have been consistently serviced and “Junior” does a great job! The floors are always clean and the garbage is always taken out. This is a challenge with the amount of construction and debris we track into and collect. It's been really nice to have a reliably clean work environment. Thank you Dominador! -C. Lofthouse

To: Mark Perry (4/1/2014)

I just wanted to take time to thank Mark Perry for all that he does for us here in Facilities Management. He's amazing! He is the instrument behind all of the major office moves we've had recently and has coordinated them flawlessly. He really has to keep a lot of balls in the air and in doing so, keeps us running smoothly. Thank you, Mark, for all of your great and many efforts. -Joey Martinez

To: Lauren Garrett, Norman Kwong, and Angel Thayer (4/3/2014)

Thank you all for your hard work and effort in creating and validating the President's Annual Report for Budget, Expenditures and Financial Information. You all did a wonderful job to ensure the timely publication of this important report. You all make a great team and I really appreciate your dedication and commitment to this project and all the other work you do. -Stacy Hayano

To: Charlie Eyster (4/3/2014)

Thank you for all your efforts in formatting the President's Annual Report of Budget, Expenditures and Financial Information into chapters for the web. You spent a lot of time creating the structure to allow viewers the ability to click on a link and access individual chapters rather than having to download the entire report. This alternative view makes the report friendlier to viewers. You also provided an option to download the entire report. Your dedication is truly appreciated! -Stacy Hayano

To: Andrew Stiffler (4/3/2014)

Thank you very much for your help in publishing the President's Annual Report for Budget, Expenditures and Financial Information onto the Budget Office's website. I realize you re-arranged your priorities to ensure the timely publication and I am very grateful for your efforts. You were a tremendous help to our family. Thanks again, Andrew! -Stacy Hayano

If you would like to submit an ABA Thank-You, visit the Thank-You blog today!


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