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Spring 2012

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gphd 20: Graphic Design History


For those of you who did not attend class on 5/7. There is no class today 5/9. The final is on Wednesday 5/16 at 3p.m. The final review is linked below.


gphd 20 syllabus


lecture: define the subject 1/25/12

lecture: typography and printing 1/30/12

lecture: typography and printing 2 2/8/12

lecture: industrial revolution 2/20/12

lecture: art nouveau 1 2/22/12

lecture: art nouveau 2 2/27/12

lecture: ww1 posters 3/7/12

lecture: revolution 4/17/12

lecture: modern 4/17/12

lecture: modern 2 4/23/12

lecture: post modern 4/23/12

lecture: action 5/2/12

quiz 1 review

quiz 2 review 3/7/12

quiz 3 review 4/17/12

quiz 4 review 4/17/12

midterm review 3/12/12

final review 5/7/12

reading list


printing as vocation (1947) video

arion press video 1

arion press video 2

upside down left to right:
a letterpress film

CNC routing of wooden block for letterpress relief printing video

paul rand video

conversation with paul rand video

why study history?

AIGA the professional association for design

Spring 2012 course schedule

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gphd 20 section 1
Monday, Wednesday 3:00-4:15 p.m