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What is Impaction?

An undergraduate major or campus is designated as impacted when the number of applications received from fully qualified applicants during the initial filing period exceeds the number of available spaces.

Such majors or campuses are permitted to use additional admission criteria to screen applications.

Campus Impaction

Campus-wide impaction means that the campus has exhausted existing enrollment capacity in terms of the instructional resources and physical capacity of the campus.

All applicants designated as local for admission purposes who meet the University’s minimum admission requirements will be offered admission to the University. When campus impaction criteria are applied, applicants who are designated as non-local for admission purposes will be considered for admission based on a higher admission index (first-time freshmen applicants) or grade point average (transfer applicants)

Campus-wide impaction has been lifted for the Fall 2024 Application Period. All applicants, local and non-local who meet the minimum requirements of the university will be considered for admission.

Applying to an Impacted Major

Note: Expressed Interest is the same as being Undeclared. As Expressed Interest, you have not been formally accepted into the major.

Steps to applying:

  • Must successfully complete specific prerequisite courses or their equivalent
  • Meet the minimum GPA and complete unit requirements (a higher GPA than the minimum requirement is highly recommended)
  • Submit a supplemental application by visiting the department website for important dates and deadlines

Seek advising:

Visit the Academic Advising Center to ensure you are admitted into the program by 45 or before 60 units.

Pre-Major and Expressed Interest


A designation for undergraduate students pursuing a non-impacted major. These students may declare or be assigned major status upon admission to the university or by the department/program of their intended major after completing specified pre-requisites as defined by their academic department/program.

Expressed Interest

A designation for undergraduate students interested in pursuing an impacted major but who may not declare or be assigned by the department/program of their intended major upon admission to the university.

Program Impaction

Consideration for admission to any impacted major or campus is contingent on first meeting the regular admission requirements for the CSU.

Supplementary admission criteria are used to screen all applicants for admission to impacted majors, including transfer and currently enrolled students.

Sacramento State is committed to serving our region and gives priority to our local applicants. Local Transfer students applying to impacted programs that consider supplemental criteria will be given priority for admission.

For information about supplementary criteria and local area preference, see the links below.