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Living Legacies and Freedom Dreaming of Critical Multicultural Education

The 30th Multicultural Education Conference

Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6

Sacramento State's College of Education is excited to host the 30th annual Multicultural Education Conference.

We invite poster presentation proposals from researchers, educators/teachers, graduate students, community practitioners, and others to participate in the 2024 MCE Conference. Proposals may focus on the conference theme or feature innovative ideas and pedagogical practice that addresses social/racial justice and equity in education.

Conference Theme

Multicultural education is rooted in the civil rights movements of the 1950s and 1960s. The legacy of Brown v. Board of Education is one of the pivotal moments in modern-day history that challenged segregation in education. In 1968, not far from the capital city of Sacramento, students at San Francisco State University mobilized a series of protests against systematic discrimination of historically underprivileged Americans in higher education. This kind of social and political activisms fomented new educational ideals that promote critical pedagogy (Freire,1968), inclusive education (IDEA, 1975), cultural diversity (Banks, 1981), racial equity (Ladson-Billings & Tate, 1995), and culturally sustaining pedagogies (Paris & Alim, 2017).

As we celebrate the 30th year of the College of Education’s Multicultural Education Conference, we honor these living legacies and continue our freedom dreaming for educational justice (Love, 2023) and the promise of critical multicultural change (hooks, 1994). We carry the dream of a beloved community that Thich Nhat Hanh and Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned. This beloved community of multicultural educators believes, in the words of Hanh, that “true enemies are not people, but ignorance, fear, and hatred. Even the oppressor could be healed and take a place back in the Beloved Community” (as cited in Andrus, 2021, p. 104).

The 2024 conference is holding an in-person poster presentation on April 5th, 2024 and a virtual gathering for a keynote address and panel discussion on April 6th, 2024. ASL interpreters will be provided when needed. We invite you to consider submitting a poster presentation proposal that connects research, theory, and/or practice at all levels of education (Pre-K through University and the community) and illuminates the criticality of multicultural education in our lives, as we continue dreaming of socially just and equitable education in the future.

We welcome collaborative poster presentations. Your proposal should have a maximum of 500 words, single-spaced, in 12-point font, Time New Roman, and in PDF format. Once your proposal is accepted, you may find more information on how to create a poster, via Sac State’s Information Resources and Technology for best practices, guidelines, and templates.

Call for Proposals

We invite poster presentation proposals from researchers, educators/teachers, graduate students, community practitioners, and others to participate in the 30th MCE Conference. Proposals may focus on the conference theme or feature innovative ideas and pedagogical practices addressing social/racial justice and equity in multicultural education.

Your proposal should contain the following information:

● Title of proposed poster presentation

● Your name/s and Institution

● Explain the focus of your presentation: What will it contribute to advance our understanding of Critical Multicultural Education research, practice, policy, civic engagement, and/or activism? Why is this necessary?

● Some guiding questions you might consider include the following:

1. What topic or critical questions in the area of multicultural education will you present?
2. In what context do you do this work?
3. How does your own work in critical multicultural education relate to, extend, or challenge the current theory, framework, methodology, or practice?
4. What in particular makes your critical multicultural education work innovative?
5. How does your presentation address social/racial justice and equity in education?
6. What recommendations do you have about the work needed to advance the field or practice of multicultural education?
7. How might your work in this area address a certain call to action in the larger field of education?
8. What implications might this work have for policy and practice?

Submit your proposal using this link

Proposal Submission Deadline: December 1, 2023

Welcome from the Conference Co-Chairs

We welcome you to the 30th Annual College of Education Multicultural Education (MCE) Conference. As new co-chairs, we are excited to carry the torch passed on to us and continue the vision of transformative and socially just education for all. This year’s theme—Beyond the Single Narrative: Fugitive Pedagogies and Educational Resistance—allowed us to critically reflect on how education can emancipate us from a single narrative. In a multi-racial democracy, diversity of ideas and multiple frames of thinking benefit the community and the world. Moving beyond the single narrative is imperative in education to develop instructional strategies and creative solutions that resist and dismantle hegemonic ideals. Jarvis Givens (2021) calls these fugitive pedagogies.

The dramatic change in the U.S. demographic profile will continue and it reverberates in today’s classrooms. As we resist a single narrative, People of Color will continue to thrive and be visible as part of this multi-racial tapestry of U.S. society. As we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, the 2024 MCE conference aspires to address the power of multiple narratives, fugitive pedagogies, and educational resistance against a dominant White ideology. We provide a space to help us understand how these narratives, pedagogies, and resistance can challenge the current system and structure of education.

We welcome our keynote speaker, Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade, and our diverse panelists—Dr. Shamari Reid, Dr. Rezenet Moges-Riedel, and Dr. Leilani Sabzalian—presenting their scholarly work in Queer, Disability, and Indigenous studies.

We appreciate your commitment to making this conference a success.

En la solidaridad and pakikipag-kapwa!
Drs. Eric Claravall and Alma Flores, Conference Co-Chairs

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Conference Schedule (Coming Soon)


The MCE Committee, pictured left to right:

Alma Flores, Eric Claravall, Lorena Camargo Gonzalez, Aaminah Norris,Trina Chang, Ravin Pan, Sruthi Swami, Alejandro Carrion, Sheeva Sabati, Karina Figueroa-Ramirez, Kenya Janae Burton


Thank you to all that contribute to advancing multicultural education, here at the university and beyond. Without your tireless work, the goals of our anchor university initiatives would not come to fruition.

Thank you to our sponsors who keep this work going:
The Office of the President,
The Division for Exclusive Excellence,
The College of Education,
& all who give in the name of anti-racist education.


All images, presentations and materials are the property of their respective creators, owners or its third party. Sacramento State University hosts the content submitted by conference participants, but does not provide copyright enforcement or protection services.


This virtual conference will be utilizing AI to generate auto-captions during the event.

If you need accommodation services to access this event, please email with your request, no later than 5 days prior to the event. Thanks for your support and we look forward to serving you.

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