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Mentor/Cooperating Teacher (CT) Orientation & Support


The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) enacted a requirement in 2016 that all cooperating teachers complete 10 hours of initial orientation and ongoing support. The first is an initial orientation (minimum of 10 hours) with respect to: 1. Program curriculum, 2. Effective supervision approaches such as (but not limited to) cognitive coaching and adult learning theory, and 3. Current content specific pedagogy and instructional practices. The second is ongoing support to ensure that CTs stay current with respect to: 1. Knowledge and skills for supervision, and 2. Program expectations.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission. The Teaching Credentials Branch prepares teachers and leaders to be agents of change, committed to social justice, equity and inclusion in culturally and linguistically diverse schools and communities.

Our Vision is to be the regional leaders in preparing and developing excellent teachers. In collaboration with our schools and communities, teachers prepared at Sacramento State create and sustain equitable inclusive educational environments which are designed to optimize access and student success.


Teaching Credentials Orientation

* Review all of the following videos/resources (1 hour)

Reflection Survey


Professional Development (PD) Options

Participation in 8 hours of PD is required. You can meet this requirement in one of two ways:

  1. Complete sponsored PD by your district, Sac State, and/or other relevant organizations. If you already have 8 hours, go to Step 4.
  2. Complete all 3 modules (8 hours) of the CCTE asynchronous online PD (Coaching Adult Learners, Content-Specific Pedagogy, and Instructional Practices.) You will be asked to create an account; enter PIN 1947 when prompted.



Submit the verification survey AFTER you have completed STEPS 1, 2, and 3.