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Department of Kinesiology College of Health & Human Services


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The Department of Kinesiology, through its university and community-based programs, provides a unique blending of physical, mental and emotional/social dimensions of learning. This unique blend provides our students with an opportunity to become responsible and knowledgeable individuals for addressing society's problems and enriching life.

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with five concentrations( Athletic Administration, Athletic Care, Athletic Coaching Education, Physical Activity and Wellness, and Physical Education Teacher Education), a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with two concentrations (Health Fitness/Strength Conditioning and Clinical Exercise & Rehabilitation), a Master of Science with two concentrations of study (Exercise Science and Movement Studies), and a Personal Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Certificate.

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Kinesiology Internship Sites

The following is a list of KINS approved internship sites and University approved internship and service learning sites that have a contract with the university. You are limited to only the sites on this list. On-campus sites such as the WELL and the Athletic Training rooms do not need additional authorization.

If you would like to use a site that is not on the approved internship site list, you must inform your faculty advisor and the Community Engagement Center one semester prior to the semester you are seeking to enroll. Approval from the site, or Procurement, is not guaranteed. Please see your faculty advisor for more information.

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