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Department of Economics

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Undergraduate and Graduate Students


There are three scholarships in the Department of Economics. CSU, Sacramento is now offering scholarships centrally so you will need to apply for scholarships through the Financial Aid Office. If you receive financial aid you are eligible for any scholarship on campus and will be matched automatically.

Apply for a Scholarship

The Robert L. Curry Jr. and Chi-Ming Dana Curry Scholarship is for Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Economics.

Previous awardees:

  • David Tsymbal (Spring 2020)
  • Jose Pequeno (Spring 2019)
  • Leidy Cadena Gomez (Spring 2018)
  • Lisa Marie Holzen (Spring 2017)
  • Max Norton (Spring 2016)
  • Daniel Tatenko (Spring 2015)

The Rod Swanson Scholarship in Economics is awarded in the Spring.

Previous Awardees:

  • Daniella Stepek (Spring 2019)
  • Colby Dotson (Spring 2018)
  • Matthew Sepulveda (Spring 2016)
  • Amy Chen (Fall 2014)

The John G. Ranlett Memorial Scholarship in Economics will now be awarded in the Fall only.

  • Tyler Casazza (Fall 2019)
  • Katherine Koulouris (Fall 2018)
  • Nikaya Southworth (Spring 2018)
  • Lauren Lombardo (Spring 2015)
  • Katya Hoque (Spring 2014)

Internship Information


Econ 195:

In order to be eligible for consideration for Econ 195 a student must meet the following academic criteria:

  1. You must be a declared major in Economics. Econ 195 is not open to pre-majors.
  2. You must be in good academic standing (an overall and CSUS grade point average of 2.0 or higher)
  3. You must have completed at least 6 upper division units of coursework in Economics prior to enrollment in Econ 195.
  4. You must have a gpa of 2.0 or higher in upper division coursework in Economics.

An internship is a great opportunity to expand and apply the tools and ideas you've learned in your Economics courses. Any typeof job in which you can apply or illustrate your economics knowledge is a candidate for an internship. If you have a possible internship and wish to know it it will be applicable to the Economics Major, contact Ta-Chen Wang.

An internship can count for 1-3 units of credit towards the Economics major. For each unit, the student is expected to work 50 hours per semester. You must be enrolled before the first report is due (3rd week of the semester). Submit an Econ 195 Form to Dr. Wang. The form can be found under Department Forms.

The requirements for an internship include five written reports. The first four reports should be approximately two pages in length (1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 pt font). The final report should be at least five pages in length. The reports should follow the guidlines listed below:

1. First report (3rd week):

  • Describe your company
  • Describe your position
  • How does your position relate to others in the company
  • Describe your duties

2. Second report (6th week)

  • Discuss your duties
  • Discuss how your duties include or could include what you've learned in Economics

3. Third report (9th week)

  • Discuss your duties
  • Discuss how what you've learned in Economics can be applied to how your organization operates and does business

4. Fourth report (12th week)

  • Discuss your duties
  • Summarize what you've learned during your internship

5. Fifth report (15th week)

  • Write a proposal (with the idea that you could present it to your supervisor) for how you would implement some sort of change or project that applies an economic concept to your organization. This is done with the idea that it will increase your organization's ability to operate well.

In addition, your supervisor will be required to submit an evaluation of your work near the end of the semester. Internship Evaluation Form - Supervisor

For more information and other possible internships, please contact the Economics Department Internship Coordinator: Ta-Chen Wang, or go to the Career Center.

Organizations interested in having an intern from the CSUS Department of Economics should contact the Internship Coordinator.


Faculty Advisors:

Full time faculty take turns advising so you will not be assigned to a particular advisor. Faculty do not have to be on campus in-between instruction schedules so there is not a way to walk in and see an advisor during the summer and winter breaks. Advising is done by appointment. These appointment times are chosen hours that the Advisors have set aside for their advising commitment for the week. We now have an online appointment booking system available in our department. Go to the main Economics Webpage and click on Advising to choose a day/time to meet with an advisor.


Tutoring is not available during the first week of the semester or during Finals week. Those interested in tutoring should contact Dr. Ta-Chen Wang.

Syllabus for Econ 198.

Tutoring hours for Spring 2020:

M - 3:00-5:00

Tutoring is for Econ 1A and 1B content only. Located in TAH 3025.

Department and University Forms

Department Forms:

Commonly used University Forms:


Applying for Reinstatement and Readmission in Economics

University policies:

Beginning Fall 2019 - All reinstatements must follow these instructions:


Certificate Program

The Economics Education Certificate Program is designed to give participants a solid foundation in economics that will enable them to teach the subject in primary and secondary schools.

The Certificate Program is intended for:

  1. future or practicing teachers who desire credential authorization to teach the one-semester economics course required of all California public high school students; and
  2. future or practicing teachers who wish to infuse economics into other K-12 curricula.

Students majoring in Liberal Studies or Social Science or completing a teacher credential program are especially encouraged to participate.

Explore the Certificate Requirements