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Advising for Political Science Majors

Advising for Current Majors and Minors

All declared majors for Political Science, International Relations, Political Science-Journalism and minors for Political Science should be assigned to an advisor within the department. Advisor assignments can be found in your Student Center, underneath your "To Do" list. Any declared major or minor not assigned to a specific advisor or those requesting to change their assigned advisor should email for assistance.

Advisors should be available during their posted office hours, which can be found below. Additionally, appointment times outside of posted office hours can be requested by emailing your advisor directly.

Advising for Prospective Majors and Minors

Students interested in declaring a major or minor within Political Science should email the Department Chair, Professor DiSarro to schedule an advising appointment. For those interested in Political Science-Journalism, please contact Danielle Martin and Molly Dugan for advising.

Once advising has been completed, a Change of Major/Minor form will be submitted to update the student's record.

Peer Mentor Advising

The Political Science department also has a Peer Advisor, Niko Santana. Niko is a Political Science student who can advise undergraduate Political Science majors, International Relations majors, and Political Science-Journalism majors. If you have questions regarding your classes, major requirements, or need other advising for our major, Niko is available to help at the below days and times.

Days Time Location
Mon./Wed. 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. Tahoe Hall 3109

Advising Forms and Roadmaps

Political Science Major Advising Form

International Relations Major Advising Form

Political Science/Journalism Advising Form

Political Science Minor Advising Form

The below are suggested course plans for students to meet both major and general education requirements.

Political Science Major (4 Year Plan) Political Science Major (Transfer Plan)

IR Major (4 Year Plan) IR Major (Transfer Plan)

Political Science/Journalism (4 Year Plan) Political Science/Journalism (Transfer Plan)