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Contact Information

Name: Ronald M. Coleman

Title: Professor, Biological Sciences

Office Location: 119 Humboldt Hall

Email: or

Office Phone: (916) 278-3474 Cell: 916-705-2606

Mailing Address: Department of Biological Sciences, 6000 J Street, California State Univeristy Sacramento, Sacramento, CA 95819-6077

Office Hours: Wed 2pm-5pm or by appointment

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Laboratory :

Updated : April 11, 2019


Schedule and Philosophy

Courses that I teach:

  • Undergraduate: Bio 1: Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity; Bio 9:The Living World: Evolution, Ecology & Behavior  (non-majors);  Bio 100: Introduction to Scientific Analysis; Bio 109: Biology of Dinosaurs; Bio 162: Ichthyology; Bio 167: Quantitative Reasoning;  Bio 169: Animal Behavior; Bio 173: Fisheries; Bio 186: Ecological and Environmental Issues Seminar; Bio 188: Evolution; Bio 199: Undergraduate Research
  • Graduate: Bio 221B: Research Methods; Bio 260: Advanced Ecology; Bio 269: Behavioural Ecology; Bio 273: Advanced Fisheries; Bio 299: Graduate Research

My Lab

Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Laboratory:

Recent Publications




Brumbaugh, S. and R.M. Coleman (2017) Evaluation of Bayesian Networks for Predicting Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawtyscha) spawning Habitat Quality in Data-Poor Watersheds. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.

McClearn D., Castro E., Coleman R., Espeleta J., Garcia-Robledo C., Gilman A., Gonzalez J., Joyce A.T., Kuprewicz E., Longino J., Michel N., Rodriguez C.M., Romero A., Soto C., Vargas A., Wendt A., Whitfield S., Timm R.M. (2016) The Caribbean Lowland Evergreen Moist and Wet Forests. Chapter 15 in Costa Rican Ecosystems (Ed., Kappelle M.) University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois.

Lasko, G.R., Titus, R.G., Ferreira, J.R. and R.M. Coleman (2014) Straying of late-fall run Chinook salmon from the Coleman National Fish Hatchery into the lower American River, California. California Fish and Game 100:665-682.

Bajjaliya, F.S., Titus, R.G., Ferreira, J.R. and R.M. Coleman (2014) Morphometric variation among four distinct population segments of California steelhead trout. California Fish and Game 100:703-726.

.... older publications at    

Research Projects/Interests

What I do...

Cichlid Research Home Page

Committees and Activities

AITC Academic Information Technology Committee, NSM representative (to Spring 2021)
Canada Exchange Committee (for CSUS Study Abroad program)
CFA (California Faculty Association) representative for Biological Sciences  (link to the current Contract)
C.O.A.S.T. (CSU Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology)
CSUS Natural History Museums
CSUS Student Research Competition (Faculty advisor)
Department of Biological Sciences Budget and Safety Committee
Dinner with a Scientist
Ecology Colloquium Series
EEC Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Group
Expanding Your Horizons 2019 (Nov 2)
Field Biology Group (faculty advisor)
McNair Scholars Program (faculty mentor)
Moss Landing Marine Laboratory (CSUS representative to MLML)
Museum of Ectothermic Vertebrates (Curator)
NSM Academic Council (through spring 2020, Chair 2018-2019)
OneWorld Committee (2018-2019 theme is "Time")
OTS REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Summer 2018, Costa Rica
Sacramento State Online Natural History Museum (curator)
STARmentor program (faculty mentor)
Student Research Center
University Experts Guide
Web Stewardship Steering Committee
WRPI (CSU Water Resources, Policy and Initiatives)
Field Biology Group (new site)

"The buck stops here". Feel free to contact me with issues related to the above groups and committees.

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