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Accessible Technology Initiative Division of Information Resources & Technology

About Accessible Technology Initiative

Accessibility for All Hornets

The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) supports a range of technology tools, services and resources to ensure a University-wide standard of inclusion and accessibility for teaching and learning for all Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Accessibility Statement

President's Annual ATI Report Summary

Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning

Why Accessibility?

  • Tech for all, learning for all! Sacramento State offers tools and resources to support all learning needs, such as screen readers, captioning services, and accessible pedagogy resources.
  • Procurement evaluation and consultation services. The ATI Team offers dedicated consultation and evaluation of new classroom technologies to ensure compliance and effectiveness.
  • Accessible training resources are available to create accessible curriculum, emails, websites, and other learning materials.

Campus Services

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Universal Design for Learning
Academic Information Resource Center, Room 3012
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.