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ICT Procurement Review Process

Prior to purchasing a technology item, an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Procurement Request form must be submitted and approved for any requisition or credit card order that contains a technology item that meets ICT criteria, and is deemed a "high impact" product, tool, or service for use by the campus community.

ICT Criteria

As part of the procurement process, the ICT Review provides a basic-to-comprehensive security evaluation of a proposed technology purchase to ensure it meets:

What does the ICT evaluate?

All prospective campus technology purchases are reviewed for compliance under these two categories. Depending on the usage and impact of the item, supplemental documentation or forms may be required from the vendor to complete the ICT Review process.

  • Accessibility Compliance
    Sacramento State is obligated to buy the most universally-accessible products, and must evaluate all prospective technology equipment and/or software to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities in support of state and federal laws.
  • Information Security
    To protect sensitive campus data and ensure security compatibility with campus systems, an information security and vendor security review is required to meet CSU, state, and federal compliance requirements.

Items that have a recurring agreement (like an annual subscription, for example) also undergo an ICT renewal process annually.

ICT Required & Excluded Items

ICT Review Required Excluded from ICT Review
Computers: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Adapters
Smart Phones  Apps (personal device/for individual use)
Copiers Assistive Technology Products 
(installed on a local desktop, no access to server, University data, or Cloud accounts)
 Kiosks  Audio or video cards
Portable Projectors  CDs and DVDs (blank, unused)
Printers Cameras, lenses, photo accessories
Software, Cloud Services, Mobile Apps (including renewals) Computer Monitors & Displays
Telecommunications Products (such as internet hotspots or wireless equipment) Hard drives (no University Data)
Transaction Machines (such as credit card readers/payment terminals and devices) Headphones, earpods
Video and Multimedia Materials
(captioned or subtitled)
Installation equipment (cables, wall mounts and brackets)
 Web Content applications, products or services Keyboards, Microphones and Speakers, Mouse (Computer)
  Projectors (permanently mounted), Stylus Pens/Pencils, Televisions
  USB hub or drive
  Video materials produced by University Communications

Supplemental Documentation

Depending on the item type and its intended use, your ICT Review may require additional forms and documentation. Many higher-ed serving companies have these forms prepared in advance for their products and services, so be sure and ask!

Tip: Gathering these forms in advance can help reduce ICT Review processing time.


The following supplemental forms may be required as part of your ICT Review:

Information Security

Some products/services – such as cloud-hosted software or tools – may require additional security review forms, such as:

How to Complete/Submit ICT Form

To assist you in completing the form, please review these helpful Instructions for Completion prior to beginning, and preview the ICT Request form in advance. If you’re unsure how to answer any of the questions, just ask!

Request ICT Form Assistance

Or, if you're ready, click the button to begin filling out your ICT Request.

Begin the ICT Form

Review Timeline

Due to the variable nature of the tools and services being evaluated, the timeline for ICT approvals will vary, and depending upon the complexity, may take up to 8 weeks from submission. Gathering needed documentation from the vendor in advance can help reduce turnaround time.

  • Depending on the product/service being requested and its level of impact, approval may be required from one or more of the following reviewers:
    • IT/ATI Procurement Specialist,
    • Information Security Office, and/or
    • the reviewing IT Administrator
  • If a full ICT accessibility/security review is needed, work with the vendor and the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist to gather the requested information and documentation.
  • After the ICT review is completed, the requestor will receive a final approval email.

Approved/Submit to Procurement

If entering a requisition into CFS

  • Use commodity code 91900
  • Upload PDF/document of approval email and other requested supporting documentation as an attachment to the CFS requisition, in the header comments
  • Use the standard comment for ICT documents when attaching documents

If purchasing with a procurement card

  • Prior to purchase, email the approval PDF to for Procurement's pre-approval.
  • Print out the approval PDF and Procurement's approval email, and attach them to your credit card statement

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Get Support

Depending on your area, you can contact your division/college IT Consultant, or the IRT Service Desk Team for support.