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  • Taking a Spin? Know basics of newest scooter


    News and Communications staff

    Spin is the first electric scooter company to sign a contract with Sacramento State and is providing the first 100 scooters to campus Jan. 22. The scooters are intended to take riders to and from campus and are prohibited in the central pedestrian zone.

    Here are riding tips and other information provided by Spin:

    Spin scooters are expected to provide a smooth ride for users coming to and going from campus. (Sacramento State/Andrea Price)


    • Wear a helmet. Spin offers a discount on Overade folding helmets, which fit into a bag or backpack. A link for the discount will be sent to riders who sign up for Spin at
    • Do not ride on sidewalks. Use a bike lane when available.
    • Park in a designated scooter drop zone. On campus, that’s one of the four bike compounds.
    • Must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to operate a scooter.
    • Obey local traffic laws and follow all street signs, signals, and markings.
    • The scooter is designed to carry one rider. There is no safe way to ride with a passenger, and it is not allowed.
    • Backpacks and small bags with shoulder straps are usually safe to carry when scootering. Wear them as you would while walking. Be sure they don’t swing forward and interfere with steering.


    • Place one foot in the middle of the footboard. Put both hands on the handlebars and use the free foot to give two or three gentle kicks to the ground.
    • Place the free foot behind the foot already on the footboard. The toes of the rear foot should be on the footboard with the heel hovering over the rear-wheel stomp brake.
    • Once you’ve kicked off, gently press the right throttle lever with your thumb to engage the motor.
    • To manage speed, use the electronic brake lever on the left side of the handlebars.
    • Keep both hands on the handlebars at all times. If you need to release a hand, stop the scooter first.
    • To come to a complete stop, press the electronic brake lever all the way down while pressing your rear foot on the stomp brake.



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