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Sac State helps midterm voters understand the issues, cast their ballots

A voter drops off her ballot at the Sacramento State Welcome Center, which will again host a Vote Center where Sacramento County registered voters can drop off completed ballots, cast their ballot in person, register to vote and cast a conditional ballot, and get voter information in multiple languages. (Sacramento State/Andrea Price)

As California voters cast their ballots for governor, legislators, local representatives, and initiatives in this year’s elections, Sacramento State is making it easier for them to do their civic duty.

Voters can return ballots, which have been mailed to everyone who is registered to vote in the state, at a drop box in the front lobby of the University’s Welcome Center during regular business hours through Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. The center is adjacent to Parking Structure 5 at the front entrance to campus.

Sac State also will host a Vote Center, operated by Sacramento County, at the same location. The center will be open Nov. 5 through Election Day for registered voters to cast ballots in person or drop off completed ballots. Residents can also register to vote and cast a conditional ballot, pick up replacement ballots, update voter registration information such as their address, and obtain voting materials in multiple languages.

“The simple act of voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and has never been more important. I sincerely hope that each eligible member of the Hornet Family will register to vote and participate in this year’s election.” -- Sacramento State President Robert S. Nelsen

Sac State has sponsored events encouraging civic engagement throughout the fall, including a voter registration drive, a voting rights town hall featuring California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, and a panel discussion about the future of democracy.

According to political experts, the upcoming election is shaping up as a referendum on America’s democracy. False claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election have undermined confidence in the electoral system, spurring restrictive new voting laws in some parts of the country.

“The simple act of voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and has never been more important,” said Sac State President Robert S. Nelsen. “I sincerely hope that each eligible member of the Hornet Family will register to vote and participate in this year’s election.”

Kimberly Nalder, a professor of Political Science and director of the Project for an Informed Electorate, said midterm elections typically gain less attention than presidential elections. “But this one is vital,” she said.

“It’s crucial that we elect a Congress and state Legislature that believes in democracy, the peaceful transfer of power, and working with their colleagues to solve problems,” said Nalder. “I know we always hear about the importance of voting, but this is not a drill. So much is on the line in 2022.”

The Project for an Informed Electorate has developed nonpartisan informational videos about initiatives and propositions on the ballot, which can be found on the organization’s website.

For additional information about the election, including campus events and how to register to vote, visit Sac State’s voter engagement webpage.

The Sacramento State Welcome Center, with a red, white, and blue flag reading "Vote here" in multiple languages displayed in front.
In addition to hosting Vote Centers since 2018, Sacramento State has also held a voter registration drive and multiple events encouraging civic engagement. (Sacramento State/Andrea Price)


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