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Institutional Research, Effectiveness, & Planning Office of the President

About Survey Reports

First College Year Experience Survey

Distributed annually to first-year freshmen, this survey asks entering students to assess their college experiences and relay how well the University has met their educational expectations.

Spring 2016 FYF Report

Spring 2015 FYF Report

Campus Climate Survey

Summaries and tables relating to the campus climate at Sacramento State, particularly with respect to intergroup dialogue regarding issues of diversity on campus.

Fall 2016 Report

Fall 2013 Report

Graduating Student Survey

Distributed annually to graduating students during the spring semester. This survey asks graduating students to assess their college experiences and progress; rate their satisfaction with the aspects/services of the University, and to relate their opinions regarding university policies.

Spring 2019 Report

Spring 2018 Report

Spring 2016 Report

Additional Surveys

Alumni SurveysUsed in the effort to assess the quality and effectiveness of Sacramento State educational programs and support services
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)Assesses the extent to which students are engaged in empirically derived good educational practices and what they gain from their college experience (what they are putting into and getting out of their college experience)

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