UTAPS Launches Paybyphone Application, Reducing Wait Times for Daily Permits

Pay by Phone
In early April, UTAPS launched its latest customer-centric application focused on easing wait times for students and visitors purchasing daily parking permits.

Previously, visitors to the campus were required to visit the UTAPS office, or find one of the designated daily permit machines in order to pay for their daily parking permits. Now, visitors can use an application on their smartphone to pay for their parking pass. For those who stood in line to buy machine-issued permits or went out of their way to visit UTAPS, the new service is a time-saver.

"It's the easiest way to get to class on time," says Gina Lombardo, director of Transportation and Parking Administration for UTAPS.

Paybyphone works on iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. When customers sign up online at www.paybyphone.com, or download the free application, they simply enter their car's license plate number and credit card information. Once on campus, users can park in a student-designated space, launch the app, enter Sac State's paybyphone location number, 5115, their desired parking duration, and leave knowing their space is paid for. Users can purchase permits good for the entire day for $6.00 or two hours for $3.00.

Customers without a smartphone can use the service by calling the toll-free number (866) 234-7275.  "If you have a meeting and are running late, or you lose track of time, or a class is running longer than expected," says Lombardo, "you’ll get a text five minutes before your permit expires, and you can add time from your phone and avoid a $43 citation. It’s the coolest thing."

The service has made such waves that a local news program, CW 31's Good Day Sacramento, featured UTAPS Senior Director Tony Lucas and Director Gina Lombardo to explain how it all works. View their interview here.



University Ticket Office Improves Customer Service

Ticket officeThe University Ticket Office is newly equipped with a dynamic ticketing system which promises to improve efficiency and services to customers.

Launched in the fall, the Neulion ticketing system allows for greater control over ticket sales. “We build our events now; we used to have our events built by Tickets.com,” said University Ticket Office Manager Scott Gephart. “We can add discounts and have more control over what fees are charged to the customer.”

The system’s flexibility is a marked improvement over the old system. Customers can now expect cheaper tickets online with fewer fees, as well as a “quick sell” options for day-of event sales that will help speed up lines.

Helping smooth the transition are students who use the system to issue tickets to customers. “The student assistants picked up the basics of the system very quickly and learned advanced options quickly as well,” said Gephart.

In the long term, the new system will give the University Ticket Office the tools it needs to grow. “Our goal is to be able to help anyone looking to go to any event on campus in an efficient and customer-friendly environment. As we grow into the abilities of the ticketing system, we will hopefully be able to reach and service more customers efficiently,” concluded Gephart.

View the University Ticket Office homepage for upcoming events today!


Dennis Snow

Customer Service Workshop with Dennis Snow

Dennis Snow, recognized across the globe for his customer service expertise, spoke with audiences at Sacramento State on January 17th and 18th, discussing ways in which an organization can achieve superior customer service.

Day one of the workshop, Delivering World-Class Customer Service, focused on service that embraces the customer perspective and how to create a culture of "wow." Snow followed on the second day with a discussion of the leadership skills that can help promote a customer-focused organization, Leading a Culture of Service Excellence.

Snow began his career at Disney in 1979 as a front-line attractions operator. As he advanced through the company, he managed various operating areas throughout the park, learning and applying the skills it takes to run a world-class, service-driven organization. He launched a division of the Disney Institute responsible for consulting with some of the world’s largest companies, including ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Coca Cola.

Today, he is a full-time speaker, trainer, and consultant who helps organizations achieve goals related to customer service, employee development and leadership. Some of his clients include American Express, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and General Mills. Snow has helped multiple organizations transform their current customer service strategies into high performance, high energy experiences. With his visit to Sac State and his workshop for ABA, we know we now have the tools to make our own "moments of wow."

Workshop materials and templates are available to help ABA and Sac State continue its ongoing customer service efforts. They can be accessed at http://www.csus.edu/aba/spqi/guides-tools-tips.html, under the Customer Service heading.


Food Drive

Sac State Contributes to Local Food Bank

Something we can all be proud of - ABA volunteers helped Sacramento State in it's participation in the 2012 California State Employees Food Drive. This year's contributions yielded close to 6,000 pounds of food for the local food bank in December!

The campus has supported the program for 38 years, collecting donations from across the campus that go to support children and families in the local community during the winter holidays.

Administered and coordinated by University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS), the program featured a "turkey drop" from which a total of 75 pounds was collected. Cash donations amounting to $1,685 were made by campus community members, making it possible to purchase bulk staples throughout the year.

Every dollar contributed purchases an average two and a half pounds of food. In addition, for the second year in a row, the campus participated in a "turkey drop," collecting a total of 75 pounds.  In 2011, the campus donated 7,775 pounds of food. The program is unique in that no administrative fees are deducted - all money raised is used to buy food for those in need.


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