Facilities Services Recognizes Employees of the Month

Robin Eicher

December 2012 - Robin Eicher, Associate Facility Planner

"Robin has shown exceptional patience in dealing with the many aspects of the CIMERA and the Sierra Hall remodel projects, including meeting the stringent State Fire Marshal requirements for occupancy. Robin has taken on project management duties for numerous projects throughout campus. She is flexible and willing to work on any project assigned to her. Additionally, she is a team player who consistently volunteers to assist others as the need arises, often through successful completion of the team’s project."


Ken Drake


January 2013 - Kenneth Drake, Housing Custodian

"Ken is the veteran of the custodial group, having served Housing for over 23 years. Recently Ken volunteered to assist and supervise his peers by acting as a liaison for the group while his supervisor was away on leave. The group immediately looked towards Ken and knew that his experience, and casual but supportive nature, would provide the guidance needed. During this tough budget crisis, Ken’s willingness to support the organization and its many challenges has improved. He steps up when the occasion arises. He shares his talents and abilities with others. Housing is fortunate to have him on our team."


Kristina Cullen


February 2013 - Kristina Cullen, Sustainability & Operations Coordinator

"Kristina reads minds. She consistently anticipates what is needed, takes action, and produces exceptional results. Kristina has an amazing knack for sustainability. She has only worked on campus since September 2012, but has already engaged many students and faculty in activities that promote and demonstrate Sac State’s commitment to sustainability. She is open to new ideas and is very adept at picking up on new concepts’ and applying them to her work. She has a wonderful demeanor and fosters great relationships with her coworkers."


Doug Edens


March 2013 - Doug Edens, Gardening Specialist

"Doug fosters positive working relationships by working well with his coworkers and having a tendency to take newer staff members under his wing and instruct them on proper pruning techniques, or a more efficient way of completing a job. This is a very important part of what we do and how we pass on good work habits/processes to our fellow staff members. Doug has a remarkable work ethic, regardless of what assignment or project he is working on. His attention to detail and ability to follow through is amazing."


Mike Hendren


April 2013 - Mike Hendren, Plumber

"Mike is always helpful and very positive when dealing with our customers. He uses his interactions with the campus community as opportunities to improve the reputation of Facilities Services. His work ethic is such that he is extremely productive and thorough, whether working alone or with others. Mike has learned the plumbing shop system on campus very well.  He gives us confidence that when his supervisor is off, our campus is still in good hands."


Recognizing Leadership Peer Award Winners

Tony LucasIn November 2012, ABA solicited numerous nominations for the 2012/2013 Leadership Peer Awards. This recognition program is unique for its three categories: Leadership Peer, Team awards, and Valued Staff awards.

Managers are recognized for their contributions to ABA or University goals, service, teamwork, innovation, process improvement, advancement, communication, or the development of a model practice.

TeamTeams are recognized for accomplishment of a common assignment, a project, a process or service improvement, or contributions made towards ABA and University goals.

LaurenValued staff are recognized for their contributions to the success of ABA initiatives; demonstrating the values of leadership, teamwork, ethics and integrity; and/or excelling in the provision of quality of service or productivity.

Award recipients are nominated by Management Council members within their families.

To view the entire list of recipients for the 2012/2013 Leadership Peer Awards, view the ABA Recognition Page.

Public Safety Honors Employees and Students

At the end of each year, Public Safety selects one employee and one student who had been previously recognized as an Employee/Student of the Quarter to be honored as Employee or Student of the year! This years' winners were:

Employee of the Year - David Santos - David is recognized below as the Employee of the Quarter, 4th quarter 2012.

Students of the Year - Brendan Barckley - Brendan Barckley was recognized as Student of the Quarter, 3rd quarter 2012 in the fall 2012 edition of the FOCUS Newsletter.

David Santos


Employee of the Quarter, 4th Quarter 2012 - David Santos

"David is a great representative of our agency. David was involved in the initiative to push more services out to the campus community and he takes pride and ownership in the operation of the Service Center. As the main person in charge of the center, David has had to deal with training new personnel, staffing shortages, and a whole host of issues in bringing the program up to speed. With his training and expertise, he is clearly among our most valuable employees." 




Student of the Quarter, 4th Quarter 2012 - Juan Anguiano

"Juan has been a very positive aspect of our department throughout this entire year. He continually gives helpful guidance to other CSOs in a professional and confident manner. Juan has taken the initiative to learn how to answer phones in dispatch and he arrives to work on time and in a 'ready to go' frame of mind. He shows eagerness to learn every area of our department. He constantly takes a positive approach to his work and always has a positive attitude."


Maria Padilla


Employee of the Quarter, 1st Quarter 2013 - Maria Padilla

"Maria always provides excellent customer service to both internal staff and external customers. She is extremely helpful and is always willing to go out of her way to assist others. For example, at the Hazmat Training, Maria came in early every day to make sure that the guests were completely taken care of."


Chris Carter


Student of the Quarter, 1st Quarter, 2013- Chris Carter

"Chris is one of our most tenured lead CSOs. He is professional in all of his contacts with department personnel and the campus community. Chris is a 'go to' person when special assignments need to be handled and he ensures that all CSOs are familiar with their duties. He is an excellent representative of the CSO Program and our department."


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