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California State University, Sacramento

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Office of Graduate Studies

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Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations on Your Admission to Sac State!

This is an exciting time and we wish you the best of luck in your academic career!

On this page you will find a wealth of resources to help you in your transition to studying at Sac State, including information on the campus and programs, as well as the Sacramento area and all that it has to offer. 



Payment Deadlines

The deadline to pay Tuition Fees is based upon the day you register for your first class, with those registering during early registration having 14 days to pay and those registering during or after late registration having 7 or less days to pay.

Information regarding fees and deadlines, as well as payment options, may be found on the Bursar's Office website. 

Transcript Deadlines

Letters will be sent out to students who have not submitted their final transcript, showing the awarding of their degree. For your convenience, this information is also listed below.

In order to complete your admission file at California State University, Sacramento, the Office of Graduate Studies must receive the following no later than <TBD>:

  • Students admitted to a Credential, Master’s or the Physical Therapy Program, please submit your official baccalaureate degree conferral transcript.
  • Students admitted to the Education Doctorate or the Joint Public History Ph.D. Program, please submit your official master’s degree conferral transcript.

If you are completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree this summer we must receive a Degree Verification from your university’s Office of Registrar by the <TBD> deadline.

Please note that your degree conferral/award date must be prior to <start date of semester>. Participation or completion of course(s) date is not the same as a conferral/award date.

Your admission to the university will be rescinded if an Official Transcript with the conferral date of the Baccalaureate or Master’s Degree is not submitted to our office by the <TBD> deadline. A Financial Aid Hold will be place on your record and will only be removed when our office receives your final transcript with the conferral of your baccalaureate degree. If you have applied for and are eligible for financial aid, you will be responsible for tuition and fees payments if the financial aid hold is not removed. Additionally, a registration and transcript hold will be placed on your record, and you will not be eligible to register for future terms if your official degree conferral transcript is not received by the <TBD> deadline.

WPG Deadlines

In order to ensure that you have a chance to take the WPG exam if your WPG waiver is not approved, we recommend that you submit your waiver form no later than one week prior to the end of the registration period.

For more information on the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), including conditions for the waiver and info regarding the WPG exam, please visit our GWAR section.

Please note that there is a $20 exam fee (please read instructions on the registration website to see how to pay this fee, as payment will no longer be accepted on exam day).  Note: This fee is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

Register for the WPG

Life In Sacramento

California's capital university is in the heart of the state's political, economic, and cultural center. Our students come here to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others, to find and develop their passions, and to live those passions beyond the classroom.

Take a walk along the snaking, tree-lined pathways to find students poring over papers spread out on cafe tables, lounging in vast, grassy quads, and heading to any of the hundreds of on-campus events each semester. Beyond campus, Sacramento – the nation's "Farm to Fork" capital – is home to a one-of-a-kind gastronomic scene, prominent professional sports franchises, a vibrant arts and music culture, and exciting nightlife. Natural amenities on and off campus offer outdoor adventures of every sort: Biking and hiking trails, rivers, lakes, and mountains make up the city's backyard. 


  • On-Campus: On-Campus housing for Graduate students is available at the American River Courtyard. This residence hall is intended for sophomores, juniors, seniors, transfer, international and graduate students, and houses 606 residents in an apartment-style suite setting. Suites are completely furnished with a shared common living area and include two full bathrooms.
  • Off-Campus Housing: The Upper Eastside Lofts are a University-owned off-campus housing option, within walking distance of campus. A Hornet shuttle is also available for rides to and from campus. The staff at the Upper Eastside Lofts work hand-in-hand with the on-campus housing staff to provide an excellent off-campus experience while maintaining strong ties to the campus community.

There are also many other rentals available in the surrounding area, that can be found using sites like Apartments.comZillow, or HotPads.

Housing and Residential Life


Parking & Transportation

  • On-Campus: Parking is available on-campus, by permit only. Daily, weekly and semester permits may be purchased from University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS). UTAPS also operates a Hornet Express Shuttle that is a free transit system around campus and the surrounding areas, as well as a Hornet Night Shuttle, which is available to take students to various locations within campus. Sac State is also bicycle friendly! With bicycle pathways throughout campus and a foot/bicycle bridge connecting to residential areas on the other side of the American River, as well as several on-campus bicycle parking compounds, commuting to campus by bicycle is a viable option.
  • Off-Campus: The Sacramento Regional Transit District operates a network of public transportation options that cover the entire Sacramento metropolitan area, including 80 bus routes and 27 miles of light rail.


Traffic in the Sacramento area can get quite congested and a trip during peak commuting times can take much longer than anticipated. If you are planning to commute to campus by car, you can check local traffic reports to keep updated on the current traffic flows.


  • On Campus: There are a wide variety of dining options available from campus Dining Services , including places like Round Table Pizza, Panda Express, Burger King and Togo's, as well as eateries unique to campus.
  • Off-Campus: The area around Sac State also has a variety of dining options available. Show your One Card at certain eateries for a discount!

Conditional Admission

Applicants may be admitted to a graduate degree program in a Conditionally Classified status if, in the opinion of appropriate campus authority, any deficiencies in their qualification for the program may be remedied by additional preparation.  

If admitted as Conditionally Classified, the student will be notified of the specific conditions to be met and must fulfill these conditions before being fully classified in their program and advancing to candidacy for their degree.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.


Please Note: These orientations are for Master's & Doctoral Degree students only.

New student orientation (for Master’s and Doctoral Degree Students):

During the orientation, the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) reviews important information such as:

  • Writing Placement for Graduates requirement;
  • Classification;
  • Advancement to Candidacy;
  • Petition for Exceptions;
  • Academic Standing;
  • Grade Appeals;
  • Important deadlines;
  • Grants/fellowship; and more. Master’s degree seeking students. 

If you have any question(s), please call the Office of Graduate Studies at (916) 278-6470 between the hours of 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Monday – Friday).

  New Student Orientation Flyer - Fall 2019
Session # 1 2
Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Wednesday, September 18, 2019

4:30pm - 6:30pm (Orientation)

7:00pm - 7:45pm (Q & A)

5:30pm - 7:30pm (Orientation)

8:00pm - 8:45pm (Q & A)

Location: Green & Gold Room, University Union (3rd Floor) Hinde Auditorium, University union (1st Floor)