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HornetAttain! Outreach. Advise. Enroll. Persist. Complete.

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Learner Resources

Why Come Back?

You are not alone. More than 350,000 adults in the Sacramento Region have some college, no degree. HornetAttain! is here to support you as you return to Sac State and reap the many benefits that earning your degree can afford:

  • Greater self-worth and pride
  • Earn an average of $28k more per year
  • Better healthcare and benefits
  • 57% more job opportunities
  • Your kids will be 3x more likely to complete college

“The whole process was easy. My Achievement Advisor Noelle was in constant communication with me and answered all my questions. She was extremely supportive as well!”
Yessina Cordoso, HornetAttain! Learner

How We Can Help

Let us help you finish what you started. We’ll be with you from start to finish:

  • Outreach – You can call, email, or complete our online form to get in touch with us. To get started, visit our I want to complete my degree! page.
  • Advise – A dedicated Achievement Advisor will work with you to navigate the process – creating an individual learning plan to help you figure out the best route to completing your degree and connecting you with resources.
  • Enroll – Your Achievement Advisor will work with you on when and how to re-apply and re-enroll at Sac State.
  • Persist – Your Achievement Advisor understands the barriers that may threaten your academic success and connect you with resources and supports to help you persist.
  • Complete – Learners with a dedicated advisor are 20% more likely to complete their degree. Join your fellow Hornet alumni and complete your degree with HornetAttain!

HornetAttain! process infographic - Outreach. Advise. Enroll. Persist. Complete.

All Roads Lead to Success

Understanding that learners have diverse ambitions, interests, and schedules, Sac State offers multiple paths to educational attainment. Our Achievement Advisor will help you determine the best path for you. Explore opportunities through:

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Financial Resources

There’s no doubt that cost is a significant factor when deciding to return to complete. Sac State offers a variety of resources to help:

Services for Adult Learners

Campus Support Services

We know that learner success involves more than what happens in the classroom. Sac State offers more than 65 services, programs, and centers to support learners on their journey to complete their degree. Your Achievement Advisor can help connect you to resources you need. Resources to address the following (and more) are available:

  • Basic Needs
  • Health and Wellness
  • Academic support
  • Family services
  • Sense of community and belonging

Learn more about Sac State's learner services and resources.