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Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources Page! Here you will find lots of pertinent information for Music Majors; scroll down or use the menu links for more.

End of Semester Notes

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Important housekeeping items

Re: Keys
If you are NOT returning to the School of Music in Fall 2022:
Return your key(s) to Key Issue (in Facilities Services). If done in person, they will give you a receipt. Otherwise, they have a drop box with envelopes and forms outside their office. Make sure to markon the form to have them email you a receipt. Email Glenn a copy of your receipt to get your record cleared

If you ARE returning to the SOM in the fall:
Renew your key(s) by emailing Glenn with your name and the total number of keys you have (including a fob, if applicable)

If you do not complete one of the above by May 23, a hold will be placed on your academic records.

Re: Lockers
Lockers must be cleared out by May 23. Items left behind will be disposed of.

Re: Instruments
All University instruments must be returned to Daniel Truitt (Room 133) no later than 4:00pm Friday, May 20, for inventory and repairs.

Students who are continuing in Fall and wish to check out instruments over the summer may do so, with instructor permission, starting Friday, June 10.

Forms for Music Majors

For University forms relating to your academic records, registration, and graduation, including Add/Drop forms (during the first two weeks of classes, use the Add/Drop form in the chart below), Excess Unit Petitions, updating your personal information with the University, and more, please visit the Student Service Center:

Student Service Center

Additional forms unique to our department are listed below.

School of Music Forms
Add/Drop Form (1st two weeks of classes ONLY - for adds that cannot be done through your student center)
Jury Form (instrumental)
Jury Form (voice)
Lost Key Payment Form
Recital AV Request
Recital Livestream/Recording Payment Form

FREE Tickets!

Students enrolled in our Music classes who have paid the Music Service Fee are entitiled to a free ticket to any of our concerts (excluding New Millennium Series). To claim, visit our ticket page from the link below, scroll down to find the event you want, and select the "Music Fee Students" option. If you do not have an AXS account already setup, you will be prompted to create one. If it says that there's already an account associated with your email address, use the "Forgot Password" link to reset your password.

Tickets will be saved to the AXS ticketing app (available on the Apple App Store or Google Play), and then just scan the barcode at the door for entry. (You may also select the option at checkout to have your ticket left at will-call; charges may apply).

(NOTE: free tickets must be claimed in advance, and are no longer able to be claimed at the box office on the night of the show by swiping your OneCard, as was done in the past)


Concert Program PDFs

Concert program PDF's are generally posted here on the morning of the event. Concerts that are live-streamed are broadcast on our Facebook Page.

Degree Recitals

Students enrolled in the School of Music's programs are required to give degree recitals as part of their curriculum; this may include a junior (MUSC 175) and/or senior recital (MUSC 185) for undergrads in the Bachelor of Music programs, and Graduate Recitals (MUSC 285) for Certificate and Masters students and/or a Culminating Experience (MUSC 500) for Masters candidates. Bachelor of Arts students do not give degree recitals. BMUE students are requested (but not required) to do a joint recital, with two students each performing 30-40 minutes.

You are repsonsible for the information contained in the Recital Packet. In order to give a degree recital, you must have met the eligibility requirements outlined in the Recital Packet. Please download and read this.

Student Recital Packet


Available Dates

Degree recitals signups are done online. Check the Available Dates list above and use this form during the times specified in the chart below:


**You must signup by May 20, 2022 if you intend to do a recital in Fall 2022

Recital Type Signup Period
Graduate On or after 8:00am on April 20
Senior On or after 8:00am on April 25
Junior On or after 8:00am on May 2

Recital AV/Livestream Requests

If you need to request audio/visual support for your recital (i.e. livestream/recording, sound system for jazz recitals, audio playback, speaking mic, etc.), use the AV request form. This should be submitted 3-4 weeks prior to your recital:

Recital AV Request

If you are requesting livestream/recording services from the form above, here is the payment form you need. All payments must be made at least two weeks prior to your recital. DO NOT SUBMIT A PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT THE RECITAL AV REQUEST FORM ABOVELivestream/Recording Payment Form

Student Advising

Currrent music students: schedule your advising appointment with Mark Allen. Use the link below, and follow these steps:

  • Select "Schedule An Appointment"
  • Under Type of Appointment, seclect “Advising”
  • Under Service: Scroll down towards the bottom to “School of Music”, select “Music Advising” (don't select Music Advising under the SAGE Center heading)
  • Select a date and then a time for Location: “School of Music”

Schedule Online

Give Us Feedback

Do you have questions or concerns relating to the School of Music? E-mail Director Blumberg, or submit your feedback anonymously via this form:

SOM Feedback Form

Note: To access the form, you'll be asked to log in with your SacLink username and password. This is only to confirm that you are a current student—that information will not be attached to your submission.

ARTF Feedback

The Anti-Racism Task Force was established to help improve the institutional culture of the School of Music, and to create educational policies and practices that are actively anti-racist. Above all, we want to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, community members, faculty, and staff. We recognize that we are in a unique moment in history that can lead to meaningful and lasting reformative change, and seek to align the School of Music with Sacramento State’s commitment to being an anti-racist multicultural institution.

If you have questions about of feedback for the Anti-Racism Task Force, you can either e-mail Director Blumberg or submit your feedback anonymously via this form:

ARTF Feedback Form

Note: To access the form, you'll be asked to log in with your SacLink username and password. This is only to confirm that you are a current student—that information will not be attached to your submission.