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Child and Adolescent Development

Child and Adolescent Development

Child and Adolescent Development is the study of the biological, physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth and development of the child from conception through emerging adulthood. Using theory, empirical research, and practice, this rigorous academic program prepares students to work as agents of social change with diverse populations of children, adolescents, emerging adults, and families in a variety of areas, including education, advocacy, research, policy, counseling, and/or other settings.

Degrees Offered

  • BA CHAD, Concentration in Educational Contexts

    The concentration in Educational Contexts seeks to prepare students to understand and apply developmental perspectives and engage in ethical and reflective practices within the educational context. Recognizing that a developmental perspective is essential to effective teaching, the concentration prepares students to consider the diverse physical, cognitive, cultural, linguistic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs of children and their families in the teaching and learning process. Students will be able to utilize developmental research and theory in their teaching practices to support student learning in various educational contexts.
  • BA CHAD, Concentration in Social and Community Contexts

    The concentration in Social and Community Contexts seeks to prepare students to support developmental trajectories of children, adolescents, and emerging adults through application of theory and research into practice with diverse community settings. This concentration fosters students’ abilities to apply ecological perspectives and engage in ethical and reflective practices within the local and professional community. Graduates will be able to communicate developmental research to various audiences and collaborate with community stakeholders that provide resources to support the strengths of diverse individuals.
  • BA CHAD, College of Continuing Education
  • Minor in Child and Adolescent Development
  • Minor in Counseling
  • Master of Arts, Child and Adolescent Development

Career Options

Child and Adolescent Development students pursue careers in elementary school teaching; preschool teaching and administration; child-care and after-school care employment; parent education, or work in a variety of counseling, social service and community agencies. The undergraduate major also prepares students for graduate studies in child development, elementary or special education, human development, social work, or counseling.


Program Coordinator: Dr. Kristen Alexander
Branch Chair: Dr. Sue Hobbs

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