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California State University, Sacramento

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Information Security

Information Resources & Technology

About Information Security

Stay Safe and Secure Online

Protecting campus with every click! From malware, cyberattacks, phishing attempts or other malicious online schemes, your IRT Information Security team monitors, educates, and works to protect the Sacramento State community 24/7. We are committed to ensuring that our network, data, and information systems are secure and compliant.

Protect yourself from Phishing attacks


Suspect a phishing attack?

  1. Don't panic or click on anything until you can verify it's legitimate.
  2. Check for red flags like strange email addresses, bad grammar, or typos.
  3. Forward the email as an attachment to
  4. If you clicked on anything and submitted your information, reset your password immediately.
  5. Then contact the IRT Service Desk Team at 916-278-7337 or

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Information Security Office
Academic Information Resources Center , Suite 3010
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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