Professor Bradley Buchanan’s (English) poem “The Non-Complaint,” and Professor Joshua McKinney’s (English) poems “A Rendering” and “As it happens,” have just been published in The Marsh Hawk Review, edited by Professor Emeritus (English) Mary Mackey.

Professor Virginia L. Dixon (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) received an Outstanding Alumni award for Academics from the Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation in Aberdeen, S.D., in 2016. Dr. Dixon's career in teaching and leadership offers positive impact to students and program development in public schools and at the university graduate level. In addition to Dixon (Class of 1963), two other awards were presented to Dr. Paul A. Hayes, an exceptional oral and maxillofacial surgeon, for his development of an operation for the correction of a mandibular deformity; and Dr. Steven Vik, founder and director of the Biochemistry major at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit that promotes excellence in education by forging a partnership among the schools, community and alumni.

Serge Lee (Social Work) presented a peer-reviewed paper ,“Educational History and College Successes of Hmong Americans in Forty Years,” in January at the Fourth Hmong Studies Consortium International Conference, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The paper will be published as a part of the proceeds from the conference by Chiang Mai University Press. During the Jan. 4-6 conference, Lee also chaired a session and served as a discussant for the conference. As a result of participating in the conference, he has been invited to provide two trainings to the social work faculty and students at Hue University, Vietnam, in June. One of the trainings will focus on social work practice “the American model” and the other training on “social work research.”

Santos Torres Jr., Division of Social Work, had two papers accepted for presentation by the National Social Science Association's National Technology and Social Science Conference, April 9-11. His “Immersive Learning Technology” paper is the result of research conducted as part of a College of Health and Human Services Summer Fellowship 2016, which focused on the comparison of publisher-developed educational tools in the form of immersive learning technology and provides recommendations to assist with their selection, adoption and best practices. The second paper, "Evidence-Based Self-Assessment: A Student-Centered Learning Tool," he co-authored with Debra Welkley, Lecturer in Sociology here at Sacramento State, which aims to increase student engagement and responsibility. The paper discusses the utility of this tool in the classroom and feedback provided from students. "Evidence-Based Self-Assessment" also was accepted by the Pacific Sociological Association for presentation at its annual meetings in Portland, April 5-9.