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Division of Administration & Business Affairs California State University, Sacramento

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About ABA


Administration & Business Affairs at Sacramento State is one of the University's chief support divisions, providing integrated and comprehensive administrative, business, financial, operational and logistical support services to students, faculty and staff.

In addition, ABA encompasses planning, operation and maintenance services for the campus facilities and environment, which includes major responsibility for capital construction projects, as well as police and safety services for the campus community.

On this page, you will find information about the ABA organization, our guiding principles, strategic plans and quality initiatives. From our home page, you can navigate to any ABA department or functional unit.

Jonathan Bowman is the CFO/Vice President and senior administrator responsible for Administration & Business Affairs.

ABA’s professional staff proudly supports student success through stewardship of Sacramento State’s fiscal and capital resources, a well-planned and safe campus, and a commitment to outstanding customer service.

To be the leading administration and business organization in the CSU, inspiring best practices and innovations in administrative, business and fiscal matters, as well as safety, capital planning and facilities functions.

ABA Values

ABA Values
Values are the broad shared principles that underlie ABA’s collective culture. They inform every aspect of the work that we do, describe our obligations to stakeholders, guide our decision making and inspire the ABA Code of Conduct.

We foster a culture of collegiality with faculty, staff, students, and each other to discover the most effective solutions to University challenges.

We take responsibility for all aspects of our business, demonstrating the highest standards of professional conduct and transparency.

We value all points of view and treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and kindness.

Excellence and Quality
We commit to excellence through a focus on quality and continual improvement.

We provide great customer service by listening with enthusiasm to the voices of faculty, staff, students and other customers, working in partnership to achieve University goals.

We embrace creative and forward thinking solutions to achieve our goals.

We are honest and ethical, and conduct our work with fairness.

Meet the VP

ABA Organizational Chart & Department Narrative

Governance Structure

Strategic Plan

In 2011-12, ABA established core strategic goals to help build the division’s capacity to support the University community and help advance its mission. These goals are focused on creating an internal culture of improvement that is continuously evolving and ready to meet changing conditions. In 2012-13, when the University's "Redefine the Possible" initiative was launched, ABA identified five focus areas rich in possibilities for transformational change. As goals are accomplished in these focus areas, other focus areas will emerge to replace them.

ABA departments, or "families" submit department and unit-level annual goals and action plans that align with and support these strategic goals and/or specific focus areas, outline plans to execute them, identify measures to evaluate success. Organizational Development tracks goals achievement through progress reports submitted quarterly.

ABA Strategic Plan


ABA is passionate about not only being transparent but also celebrating accomplishments. Please find our annual report on accomplishments below, which highlights our families' accomplishments in previous fiscal year. Additionally, you will find the previous quarterly reports addressing progress towards the President's imperatives.

2020-2022 ABA Report of Accomplishments

2019-2020 ABA Report of Accomplishments

2018-2019 ABA Report of Accomplishments

2017-2018 ABA Report of Accomplishments

ABA Focus Newsletter

The ABA FOCUS has been publishing content since 2005! A staff created and driven newsletter, we highlight the best of the best of our dynamic division. From staff spotlights, behind the scenes to divisional news, our staff are well informed and engaged in the going-ons of our division. The FOCUS is published three times, yearly.

Fall 2022

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

Fall 2020

Summer 2020

Spring 2020

ABA Staff Recognition Program

The greatest resource of any organization is its personnel. In Administration & Business Affairs (ABA), a division of over 300, establishing a sense of community is essential. ABA is committed to communication across the division whereby every employee's ideas are heard, and where common goals and values are shared. We recognize those voices and the hard work they accomplish with our formal ABA Staff Recognition Program, each June. See previous years' winners below:

2023 Staff Recognition Program

2022 Staff Recognition Program

2021 Staff Recognition Program

2020 Staff Recognition Program

2019 Staff Recognition Program

Best Practices for Staff Recognition Handbook

START Committee

ABA's Strategy Team: Achieving Results Together (START) is a subcommittee of ABA's Management Council. START is comprised of staff representing each of ABA's families and is chaired by the Director of Organizational Development. START members act as the primary communication vehicle for ABA's strategic planning activities, particularly those focused on staff recognition and engagement. START members also work to identify issues for discussion, propose initiatives, and to facilitate implementation of action plans in partnership with Management Council. Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month.

START Roster

Member Roles

Who's Who?

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