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Gerontology Department College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Meet Us

Full-Time Faculty

Donna Jensen, PhD, LCSW

Department Chair

Photo of Donna Jensen, PhD, LCSW

Catheryn Koss, JD, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of Catheryn Koss, JD, PhD

Theresa Abah, PhD

Assistant Professor

Photo of Theresa Abah, PhD


Maria Pureza

FSMP Peer Mentor

Photo of Maria  Pureza


Suzanne Anderson, MSG

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Terrence Ranjo

Photo of Terrence Ranjo

Carol Sewell

Photo of Carol Sewell

Tara Sharpp

Photo of Tara Sharpp

Linda Paumer

Photo of Linda Paumer

Jennifer Stevenson

Photo of Jennifer Stevenson

Professor Emeritus

Cheryl Osborne, EdD, MSN

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Cheryl Osborne, EdD, MSN
Total Members: 11