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Priority Areas

Sacramento State's Anchor University Priority Areas:

The Anchor University Advisory Council decided that the University should not limit its anchor efforts to a particular neighborhood, community, or issue. Instead, it chose a broad focus on issues that represented the wide diversity of Sacramento State’s academic programs and regional needs. Below are campus programs and educational services that meet our anchor mission within our priority areas.

Pre-K - 12 Education

The capital region's future depends on the students of tomorrow, whose paths start long before they ever set foot on the Sac State campus. The University is active at all grade levels in helping young minds set their sights on higher education. Resources start before and during their college experience by creating opportunities to gain the life and academic skills necessary for success in college and future careers. Through the constant outreach and programming, there is a wide breadth of visibility and connection to Pre-K - 12 education with the following anchor efforts.

  • Education Insights Center
  • Outreach through community partnerships:
    • Feria de Educación
    • College Making It Happen
    • Super Sunday
    • Black College Expo
  • Partnerships to Advance the Value of Education (PAVE) Improve Your Tomorrow
  • Teacher credential programs
  • Admission and Outreach presentations and recruitment activities in California high schools
  • Center for College & Career Readiness promotes a college- and career-ready mindset in students.
  • Creative Economy grant was awarded to bring arts and culture projects to low-income area

Health and Well-Being

Sacramento State recognizes that health and well-being are inextricably linked with student and employee success and prioritizes holistic wellness efforts across campus based on the 7 Dimensions of Wellness: Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, Physical, Career/Financial, Spiritual, and Socio-Cultural Student Health and Counseling Services. Our campus community is committed to continuing to provide exceptional service to our campus community through the following programming areas.

Homelessness and Housing

Homelessness is a complicated, and unfortunately growing, social issue in our community and through our student population. Sacramento State colleges and faculty are taking the lead to implement the initial study regarding the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP). Our campus community is working on the micro and macro level to support students and communities that are suffering from housing insecurities and homelessness. On-campus resources like the CARES programs and ASI Food Pantry have served thousands of students by providing them with their basic needs.

Arts and Culture

California's capital region reaps considerable benefits from Sacramento State. We bolster the economy, cultivate the arts, inspire innovation, and encourage entrepreneurship. Sacramento State is included in the largest community celebrations and helps shepherd the newest creative talent in the region. Sacramento regional art efforts are led by alumni, faculty and staff to help bring diverse communities the resource to actively participate and engage in the visual, performing, literary or digital arts.

  1. Community partnership with Wide Open Walls and other community cultural events (Juneteenth, GATHER)
  2. Multiple Galleries on campus
  3. Festival of the Arts including U-Nite! And U-Create!
  4. Public Art projects led by students
  5. Creative Economy grant was awarded to Sacramento State
  6. to support bringing arts and culture projects to low-income area

Environment, Mobility and Sustainability

acramento State has taken the lead with a climate mitigation trategy to ensure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions ssociated with campus operations by the year 2040. The ampus offers a stage to collaborate with students, faculty, nd the community to achieve innovative and progressive ustainability strategies. Resources are in place to continue the

Inclusive Economic Opportunity & Workforce Development

Sac State has more than 50 centers, institutes, and collaborative efforts engaged with the greater Sacramento community. The University is vital to the economic health of the region, contributing to the local economy and generating tax revenue. Resources like the Career Center is the central hub for career services at Sacramento State and provides recruitment consultation to help organizations of all sizes connect with the diverse talent pool of Sacramento State students and alumni. The Alumni network is over 250,000 strong, and serves as a continuous resource for workforce development.