Rock Auction previewGeology Club Treasurer Rachel Beck displays an amethyst that will be auctioned at the annual Rock Auction. (Sacramento State/Craig Koscho)

Whether you need a unique item for your garden or your end table, chances are you’ll find the perfect thing at Sacramento State’s annual Rock Auction.

This year’s rock hound retreat will run from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 18, at the Leslie and Anita Harper Alumni Center on campus. The auction will include more than 200 pieces available in silent and live auctions, plus light appetizers and refreshments, games for children – and a special guest auctioneer.

Sponsored by the University’s Geology Club, this year’s sedimental soiree will feature 17 exquisite pieces in the live auction. Items will include samples of a fossilized moth, a beautiful piece of labradorite, pink halite, and a stunning amethyst.

The auction grows in popularity and attendance each year. Geology Club President Jared Leisure has an Eastern philosophical explanation for that. “You can pick up a lovely specimen you wouldn’t normally be able to find on your own, to complete the feng shui of your house,” he says.

Professor Dave Evans will return as host and auctioneer. The event also spotlights a special guest auctioneer each year to call out one of the items. This year’s guest is a familiar face around campus – University President Robert S. Nelsen.

Geology students rely on the auction to provide much-needed funding for field trips. And the commitment from the Sac State community – past and present – makes the auction a success year after year.

“The reason we have such a great fan base is that a lot of people who graduate from Sac State actually work in the region,” says Evan Fau, club vice president. “They stay within the circle and give back to the University.”

The students’ passion for the subject plays a major role as well.

“It’s such a broad field,” club Secretary Steve Claar says. “There are so many different avenues you can take.”

“Geology tells so much history of the Earth,” club Treasurer Rachel Beck says. “It’s exciting. We live on top of the Earth but really don’t know what’s going on beneath our feet, so it’s fun to learn about earth processes.”

For more information on the Geology Department and the Rock Auction, visit or call (916) 278-6337. – Craig Koscho