Given all that Lorall Hann has been through, it would have been easy to give up. Instead, he wants to give back.

Growing up in a rough San Francisco neighborhood surrounded by drug dealers, gangs, and violence, Hann, a Sacramento State senior majoring in psychology, was injured in a drive-by shooting, spent a month in a coma and ultimately became paralyzed.

But with persistence and help from counselors, teachers, and principals – and his grandmother, who pushed him to “want better for yourself” and pursue higher education – he is on his way to becoming a counselor and helping young people stay in school and fulfill their potential.

“When I was in high school and middle school, the people that motivated me were counselors,” said Hann, who is also a DJ at student-run KSSU as well as a poet. “The people that stopped me from skipping school and just dropping out were counselors, because they spoke into me.”

Resilient, passionate, and eager to pay it forward, Hann represents the best of Sacramento State. This is his Hornet story. – Jonathan Morales